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Ricefields, pristine green landscapes, deserts, ancient temples: these are the first images that come to one's mind when thinking about Asia. But this enormous continent, given its extension, is even more than this. A trip to Asia cannot just be defined as a holiday. It is an adventure discovering faraway populations and a chance to find oneself again, close to nature and traditions that the Western world has long forsaken.

The unexpected magic of India with its grand Taj Mahal, the majestic Great Wall in China, the harmonious mix of aggressive modernity and timeless traditions in Japan, the stunning beaches and landscapes of Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand, the endless ricefields of Vietnam: Asia is full or surprises for those who visit it for the first time but is always able to amaze returning visitors as well.

A tailormade tour or journey in this huge continent is bound to be unique and unforgettable, the perfect chance to meet local people, such as the nomadic tribes in Mongolia or Kyrgyzstan, the numerous ethnic groups in Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.  In Bhutan and Nepal you'll come across the serene peaceful smiles of the people living among the highest peaks in the world. They are incredibly hospitable and willing to share their traditions and customs with you, no matter where you come from.

Asia is also an interesting destination for cultural trips, the pagodas and temples in Myanmar are a feast for the eyes, the Angkor Wat in Cambodia is a mystic experience that everyone should try at least once in a lifetime. The sea and coastline of Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka are unmissable destinations for those who love to relax on dream beaches. If you are looking for a safari instead, explore Rathambore National Park in India and look for the world-famous tigers, or Yala National Park in Sri Lanka to meet the elephants.

If you choose to travel to Asia in spring, you will be at a loss whether to chosse the Holi festival in India, an event involving all inhabitants of the main cities, who crowd the streets getting dirty with colorful dust celebrating love, or the cherry blossom in Japan. In autum there is the eagle hunting festival in Mongolia, celebrating a tradition that the nomadic populations of the desert pass on through the generations. The most trained can even try their hands (and feet) with a trekking experience to Everest's base camp, surely an achievement to remember forever.

During your tailormade tour or vacation in Asia you will be guided by local experts, who will make you understand the deeper essence of every place, favouring interaction with local people and revealing some little secrets. No matter what kind of trip you are looking for, Asia has what you need. 

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