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In Vietnam a surprising variety of landscapes combines with a deep spirituality to create unique emotions.

Explore this amazing country, once called Indochina, discovering the beautiful ricefields and the lush jungle with a tour in untouched nature, or let yourself be conquered by the unique warmth of the local people.

The coastal areas, such as Halong Bay, as well as the interior of the country (don’t miss a visit to the Mỹ Son archeological site) offer amazing landscapes where peace and tranquility create a stark contrast with the vibrant and loud life of the two main cities: Ho Chi Minh (once known as Saigon) and Hanoi.

Meeting and discovering the local population is also very important in your trip: in Vietnam there are more than 54 ethnic groups, the most important one being the Viet. Each has its own territory, language, habits and costumes.

The great variety among the landscapes and cultures offers the chance to arrange any kind of tours and holidays to discover Vietnam, its icons, and the nearby Laos and Cambogia.

There are holidays for the whole family with moments of relax on the beautiful Vietnamese beaches. Furthermore, Vietnam is quickly becoming an extremely desired and exclusive destination, the ideal place for a luxury vacation discovering local recipes, the colonial heritage and the surprising nature from exclusive “junks to marvellous resorts.

Let our travel experts guide you in the exploration of Vietnam, your tailormade tour and trip will be a life-changing experience!

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    Are you going on holiday in beautiful Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, and need some hints on where to eat? Here is a miniguide to the best bars and restaurants that will make your trip just unforgettable! Do you need a caffeine fix ? Are you looking for a real Vietnamese coffee experience while on holiday?  Have a cup at Cong Caphe (152D Trieu Viet Vuong, 32 Dien Bien Phu, Hanoi, Vietnam) where nostalgia of the old days meets an original design and friendly service while enjoying your dream Vietnam tour.
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    The “iconic conic” Vietnamese bamboo hat is among the most known accessories of the culture of Vietnam. The first proofs of its use date back to over 2,000 years ago. A very beautiful version of the classic hat is the “nón bài thơ” from the Huế area, which includes poems and designs all over the surface.
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    Travel and tourism expert for Laos

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Why visit Vietnam

Welcome to Vietnam, a marvelous a country in South East Asia with Hanoi as a capital city, famous for the green ricefields and the warmth of its population. It borders the South Sea of China east and south and the Gulf of Siam for a short stretch. The north of the country is occupied by table mountains and the delta of the Red River, while the south hosts Day Trurong Sun mountains and the Mekong delta. The Vietnamese territory is mainly characterized by hills and mountains with thick vegetation. Its main rivers are Mekong and Red River. The climate is monsoonal, with high humidity levels, dry winters and rainy summers. In the summer the southern area is often hit by typhoons.

If you decide to take a trip across this country, once known as Indochina, you will find that both coastal and interior areas offer amazing landscapes and a strong diversity in flora and fauna. In the north, especially in the mountains, there are hardwood forests and coniferous forests, while tropical forests are populated by elephant, deer, tiger, leopard, monkey, crocodile and snake. Furthermore, Vietnam offers plenty of protected areas and national parks, boasting six biosphere reserves: a real paradise for travelers who want to connect with nature.

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