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Creating and managing a trip booking

How can i help local operators create my tailormade trip?

The collaboration between you and the local operator is crucial to create an unforgettable travel experience. We suggest you keep in mind these tips:

  1. Find out what features the trip of your dreams should have: duration, destination, program .... the clearer your ideas, the easier it is for local partners to provide valid alternatives which are also interesting for you.
  2. Your time is precious and so is our partners’, avoid making unrealistic demands and try to have a minimum knowledge of the type of trip you are interested in.
  3. If you have never made a trip to distant countries inquire on the "useful tips" pages you will find for each country on our website.

How do i send a booking request?

After requesting a quote, you will have access to a personal area where you can manage all aspects of requests and bookings. For any requirement please contact us on

What happens if the local partner does'nt answer to my request?

viviTravels team is always at your disposal and will evaluate the best solution case by case, if necessary by urging the local partner to respond or by forwarding your request to a different operator.

Can i change or cancel my booking?

For terms and conditions regarding modification and cancellation of your booking you can contact the local operator who is arranging the trip. In fact, these conditions vary according to the type of local operator and services related to the trip.

Can the local operator cancel my nooking?

There may be cases where the journey you have booked is no longer available for various reasons, or has become particularly risky due to weather phenomena or geopolitical reasons. In these cases the tour operator may cancel or amend your booking; in any case it is required to provide, at its expense, an alternative stay of equal or higher level than the one you have booked.

Prices and payments

How can i pay my trip?

We will require a 30% deposit upon booking that you will pay directly to Payments by credit card, PayPal and bank transfer are accepted.

The balance of the trip will be paid as agreed with the local operator.

These conditions can vary according to the type of trip, period and agreements with the local partner. The partner will inform you of any special clauses or the change of certain conditions.

You will be guided step by step in the payment process in your personal area; furthermore, one of our representatives will assist you on this and other points.

viviTravels team is always at your disposal to answer all your questions.

*in case the advance payment is made by bank transfer, the latter will be made payable to Kframe Interactive SA, owner of

How is the price of my trip determined on viviTravels?

The cost of your trip is made from the amount agreed with the local partner for the services included in the tour / stay, to which is added an amount to finance the structure and activities that allow us to offer an increasingly faster, effective and satisfactory service to all our travelers.

How does viviTravels work?

What is viviTravels?

viviTravels provides services aimed at facilitating the process of choosing and booking a trip by the user.

viviTravels allows you to choose from over 200 local tour operators around the world, each of them has been carefully selected and verified by viviTravels.

viviTravels follows the entire booking process from local tour operators at all times, providing assistance in terms of translation and adherence to procedures by the local partner and the traveler.

Not resorting to the intermediation of agencies and tour operators, prices on viviTravels are much more competitive than those that you can find through normal market channels for the same service.

Why choose viviTravels?

viviTravels works closely with local tour operators around the world ensuring:

Is a travel agency?

No, viviTravels is a platform that connects travelers with local partners selected all around the world. Our mission is to offer all travelers an easy way to select, customize or build tailormade trips to any destination in the world. We develop tools and services that enable you to create and buy trips without intermediaries, directly from local partners quickly and safely.

Trips and local operators

Who am i buying my trip from?

The trip is sold by local operators on viviTravels.

They are tour operators or small business owners who live and work in the travel destination. The type of operator changes depending on the country and type of tour you choose. You can find companies that operate on a whole nation or small offices that focus their activities on a given area of the nation.

Who is the local operator?

You can find three types of companies on viviTravels:

DMC (Destination Management Company) and Tour Operators: agencies specializing in creating custom-made trips in their territory of residence.

Independent Tour Operators: Operators of various sizes, including individuals, that sell and manage from one to a few tours exclusively in their place of residence and with a specific theme: these are "small" super specialized DMCs. For example, organizers of desert tours, safaris or river-canoeing trips fall into this category. Their offers are really varied and, above all, high quality.

Private accommodations: These are selected facilities, free from the ownership of large groups or tour operators, providing a holiday package inclusive of a complete stay, but with additional services such as, for example, a week with a Tai Chi lesson, horseback riding, hiking and small tours around the structure.

What kind of trips can i find on viviTravels?

On viviTravels you will find three categories of trip:

Group tours: tour with a default program which starts on certain days of the week. In the travel program visits and activities are planned to allow you to explore the destination of your choice to the fullest. They can also be combined with short stays in seaside resorts or big cities.

Private tours: you can create a fully customized tour designed according to your needs and preferences both choosing the accommodation and deciding how long you will stay in each different location. Obviously this kind of tours have a higher cost since an exclusive program needs to be created with a lower number of travelers.

Stays: unlike tours, stays are focused on a single location, but you can still arrange an excursion program to match.

What are the activities?

On viviTravels not only tours and vacations are available, but also activities lasting a few hours in all destinations. From cultural exhibitions to guided tours and wild nature excursions.

Activities are currently only available for some destinations and you will find them under the button "What to do".

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