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ViviTravels offers you the chance to create your next trip by choosing from hundreds of authentic experiences, proposed by local guides.

On viviTravels you’ll discover cultural and discovery tours in all the destinations of the world, from those more common to the one less known. If you love nature, culture and are searching for an exclusive tour to discover near and far countries you can count on us and on our network of local partners, always ready to give you the best support with your next custom made travel.

The custom tours proposed by our local partners can satisfy the needs of every traveller, from the more experienced, who are looking for an adventure travel, far from the beaten paths, to the ones who are willing to discover the world trough the local excellences of hospitality, from ecoresorts to dream accomodations.

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The traveller is the centre of our world, because of this we have built an easy to use solution to choose, customize and build your dream travel experience.

With viviTravels you can contact directly your local partner, avoiding useless intermediaries and saving on the final price of the travel. The experts and the local guides are deep connoisseurs of the destination and will let you discover it with a 100% custom itinerary.

Our partners and guides are at your disposal 24/7 and will give you full support during the whole travel: you are in good hands.

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We strongly believe that every journey has to be a unique experience: this can happen only when travelers are given the chance to discover a destination at their own pace, exploring places that fit their own taste and interest.