Who they are

We select the best partners for every destination: all their products and services are those published on and on the other vertical sites of the network.

Our partners are rigorously selected based on their expertise and quality. Generally, they are:

  • DMCs (Destination Management Companies): travel agencies specializing in the creation of tailor-made trips in their area of reference.
  • Tour Operators: mid-size and large travel operators creating package tours.
  • Private Tour Operators: small-size companies or professionals selling one or a handful of themed tours taking place in their area of reference. They can be considered as “small-size highly-specialized DMCs”. Private Tour Operators include professionals offering sailing experiences in specific areas and organizers of desert trips, safari or rafting tours. Variety and quality are two key features of these offers.
  • Privately owned accommodation facilities: they are selected facilities (not part of large hotel chains or tour operators) offering accommodation with additional services like Tai Chi lessons, horse riding courses, etc.


Discover all our travel experts

Travel Experts (specialized guides, skipper) will be your contact for your holiday with our partner.

How we select them

We select partners by rating the following features:

Experience and prestige gained in the industry. Generally, they are tailor-made vacation experts operating for more than 5 years in the travel industry; they will lead you in the planning of your journey with outstanding professionalism.
Passion/Sustainable tourism. Partners and their teams are driven by a genuine passion for the travel industry, the local culture and the knowledge of history. They work with full respect for the environment, the local population and traditions. Those are all key values of every trip available on Vivitravels.
Reliability and capability of all the people in the team, as well as the economic solidity of the travel operators we cooperate with.
24/7 assistance, from the trip planning phase to the end of your vacation. The assistance in English is guaranteed by our local partners.
Travel Insurance Packages, we make sure there's always the most appropriate available for you. For further details regarding insurance, please consult the specific Partner Fact Sheet to learn more about the Terms and Conditions applied by a given partner.
Customization. Our partners boast skills and expertise in selecting and creating excursions and activities fitting your interests. We think it is the only way a trip can turn into a dream experience.
Set price/No middlemen. Partners guarantee that the prices of their services sold through the Vivitravels sites are the best ones they can offer online. Our partners, selected by the clearness of their sale conditions and the above mentioned features, can engage directly with the customers, without middlemen.
Customer feedbacks. Partners are carefully rated according to genuine customer reviews provided by travelers.
Offered services. We publish a fact sheet for every partner, containing up-to-date information (e.g. languages spoken, insurance, reply time, transfer service option, low-calorie menus, quality certifications and awards, experience in the industry, etc.) and ratings. These fact sheets can be easily compared online, so that choosing the best partner for you becomes a breeze.