Safari / Overland Tour

Reccomended to: travellers who would like to experience nature from sunrise to sunset. An Overland tour is usually based on the use of a special truck, designed to provide a good level of comfort during your travel accross Africa or other continents. From these trucks you’ll be able to have a look at the savage nature from an exclusive point of view. There are no particular requirements to participate in these trips, just a good general condition and a good capacity for adaptation.

Clothing: the space inside the truck is limited, we recommend to bring only the necessary clothes which should be comfortable and practical. Usually the traveller has to bring also a sleeping bag and the bathroom towels. 

Luggage: depending on the accomodations you might have to reduce the luggage to anything strictly necessary.

Accomodation: in the “classic” overland trips you will spend the night in tents in the heart of the natural reserves. Some tours also offer more comfortable accomadations like lodges and small hotels. The more authentic experience is the one in the tents, it requires a bit of adaptation but will reward you with amazing sights and moments. You will have to build your own tent, the guides will be there to help you at any time.

Bambini: these travels are not recommended to families with kids under 18 years, it’s still possible to request a custom program that will allow your family to live a comparable experience to an overland tour.