About us

About us

viviTravels is a project born in 2012, with the aim to put in contact travelers and tour operators from all over the world.

We have travelled the world searching for the best companies in tourism, the ones that can offer “custom-made” trips and tours to satisfy the most demanding travelers, like you and us.

Our beliefs

Our promise is simple: to create a simple way to choose, customize and build a tailor-made trip in every destination of the world.

viviTravels cares about all the ethical aspects of tourism and promotes a responsible travel ethic.

We protect and promote the culture of the local populations, and you’ll be able to discover it with  many excursions and activities. Moreover, we care about environmental issues as well. The web helps us to keep the paper use at a minimum, our headquarter is powered by solar panels and we are always searching for new ways to minimize our impact.

Why choose us

Because we offer you a direct contact with local tourism professionals, whom know you dream destination perfectly and can guarantee you an authentic experience, and also offer you support and on site assistance.
Our partners combine their regional expertise with their ability to satisfy the needs of travelers coming from all corners of the world. From the first contact with you, they will help you plan your trip with useful hints and suggestions and will take care of all your needs with great efficiency and a high quality of service.


Guarantee on expertise and safety 
Vivitravels and the specific sites of its network are the right means to keep in touch with our partners. You can plan a trip with a local partner and avoid all those hurdles that might arise when dealing with international an unknown travel destination.
Sustainable tourism
The respect for traditions, the local population and the environment is a key element of every trip we showcase. Our trips are designed to give you the chance to live in close quarters with the local people and to experience and promote their culture.
Best price 
Vivitravels and our partners guarantee that the prices of all services published on our sites are the best ones available online, with no intermediaries, nor additional commission fees.
The thorough selection of skilled partners allows you to stay in the best accommodation facilities available.
Cuisine and restaurants
Discovering the best local restaurants is essential to get to know the cuisine of the country you are visiting: they are rated according to their hygienic conditions, quality of service and tradition.
Feel like a true explorer
Get ready to discover your destination in full. Not only will you visit the best-known locations, but you will also get to see those off-the-beaten-track spots that only experienced travel experts can show you. 
Trip customization
Our local Partners will help you choose excursions, itineraries and activities that fit with your interests: you will be in control of your entire travel experience.
Private guides
All the trips offered by our partners include a private English-speaking guide. He or she will help you discover the culture, history and customs of the place you are visiting.
Private tours
If you want to travel with your significant other, family or friends, then a private tour is the best option. Choose between hundreds of offers or ask for a custom-made itinerary: we're sure you'll find a suitable solution, so you won't have to adapt to group tour conditions.
Group tours
If you are willing to share your travel experience with others and take advantage of your journey to meet new people, then our partners can also arrange ad hoc groups of travelers.

Our guarantees


Guarantee on partner selection
On-site agents rate and select partners according to their experience, passion, reliability, 24/7 support, insurance, flexibility, set price, offers and customer reviews 
Guarantee on reviews
We send all travelers a link to allow them to write their reviews; we guarantee that all feedbacks are published just as we receive them, without any changes.