Is Vivitravels.com a full-service travel agency?

No, it is not. viviTravels is a platform connecting travelers with on-site agents and partners selected all over the world. Our mission is to offer all travelers an easy way to choose, customize and plan tailor-made journeys to any destination in the world. We develop tools and services allowing you to create trips and buy them directly from our partners, safely and quickly, with no middlemen involved, directly from the local partners, in a fast and safe way.

Who are Vivitravels partners?

They are travel professionals living in the area you are going to visit. They are selected by our on-site agents and boast at least a 5-year experience in the industry. They know everything about their country of reference and the planning of all-round customized travel solutions.

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Should I take out travel insurance before I leave?

Yes, it is always advisable, especially if you happen to cancel your reservation or have to deal with lost or damaged luggage. Also repatriation and healthcare costs can be covered if you are covered by insurance. 

Can Vivitravels be held responsible for the journey?

No, it cannot. Only partners shall be liable for the services they sell. viviTravels will commit to engaging with the relevant partners in order to solve any potential issues. In the unlikely event that a partner runs out of business and is thus not able to adhere to the contract, viviTravels will fall back on another partner to provide affected travelers with alternative travel services free of change.

Do Vivitravels partners provide international flights

Local partners do not usually provide intercontinental flights. They just provide the short-haul flights included in the showcased tours. As a consequence, the deals available online do not usually include international flights.

How can I safely pay the Vivitravels local partners?

In order to allow travelers to pay for their trips in the safest way possible, viviTravels makes the PayPal platform available to its users; credit cards and prepaid cards are thus accepted. The PayPal transaction completes the travel services purchase agreement. You will then receive an e-mail with your trip confirmation number. If you opted for a bank transfer, the contract will be complete once the credit entry is recorded. The payment terms, as well as all the details about the deposit and the full payment, are specified by the partner in the contract.

Can I provide my review on a trip booked through Vivitravels?

Of course you can. We constantly take traveler reviews into consideration in order to improve our services. After your return, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to send some pictures and express your thoughts about your vacation. The best pictures of tailor-made trips will be published. All reviews will be published as we receive them, without any changes.

Why is it cheaper to travel with viviTravles' partners?

Buying your trip from one of our local partners through viviTravels.com is cheaper than buying from a tour opertor or from a travel agency. On viviTravels you'll be able to find tours that are proposed by your travel agency at a cheaper price because there are no intermediaries, but you can also find tours that are not for sale through the travel agencies of your country. You might find lower prices on the Web, you have to take into consideration the level of service and the quality of our offers. Thanks to our meticulous assessment process, which allows us to select experienced partners, we are able to guarantee high standards. We strongly encourage you to watch out for extremely cheap deals.

What am I supposed to do upon my arrival?

It depends on the kind of trip you have booked. In most cases, you will meet our local partner at the airport He or she will assist you throughout your whole journey.

It might happen that the “meet & greet” service and airport transfers are not included in the trip you have chosen. This might be the case for sailing trips and tours provided by some small-sized local companies. The trip conditions and details specify whether such services are included or not. Anyway, before you set off, the partner will send you all the necessary instructions in order to reach your destination and get your vacation started. Are you ready to enjoy your dream journey?

What I am supposed to do if inconveniences arise?

We really hope this doesn't happen, but in case of issues you can find an emergency mobile phone number in your travel documents. Our local partners will answer in English and will be at your disposal in order to help you solve any problem. We have frequent contacts with the partners, your reviews and reports will help both us and the partner to give an always improving service.