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A trip to India is the experience that can change a lifetime. India is a multi-faceted country, with a strong mystic power, that will impress even the most skeptical of travellers. Many of its places seem to come right out of a fairytale: think of the timeless charm of Agra and majestic Taj Mahal, or the colors of Jaipur, the pink and blue city of Rajasthan, or the picturesque "backwaters" of Kerala.

Not only the places, but also the experiences will contribute to making your tailormade tour in this fascinating land so unique: practise yoga, immerse yourself in the Ganges from the sacred banks in Varanasi and discover new smells and tastes on the table and in the markets.

In North India you will find magical Rajasthan which, in addition to Jaipur, will amaze you with Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. Travelling south you will find the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka, you will find green ricefields and the ancient tradition of the Ayurveda and different Yoga practices. But India is also an excellent travel destination for those who love nature and animals: include a stop over at Rathambore Park in Rajasthan in your tailormade tour and you won't be disappointed.

If you travel to India in spring you'll have the chance to take part in the evocative Holi festival, the festival of colors and love, commemorating an old Hindu ritual. In the main cities the inhabitants flock to the streets, getting dirty with colorful dust and celebrating a common feeling of rebirth. And there's more: our local travel experts can help you arrange combined itineraries, adding the mystic charm of Nepal to the gems of India or even the luxury of Dubai.

Discovering this magnificent country escorted by local guides is an experience that is bound to leave an indelible mark: they will take you to the places where you admire the most genuine India and you'll feel part of a reality that goes beyond any expectation. During your tailormade tour or vacation in India don't miss the elephant rides and the contact with the local population: let go of your shyness and let the irresistible beauty of India blow your mind away. 

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  • Holi festival mini-guide

    Holi festival is a religious festival with a long history which recently became very well known thanks to the spectacular color throwing rituals. A very loud and colourful party, loved by Indians and which deserves to be experienced by every true traveller!
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  • The Yoga traditions

    The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit and originally indicated ascetic and meditative practices of the religions of India. In contemporary usage, the word Yoga refers to a range of activities that often have nothing to do with the traditional Yoga, which encompasses several typolgies and different psychological and physical exercises that promote meditation and relaxation. The various types of Yoga are distinguished according to the different benefits they confer to the body and mind of those who practice them. The term Yoga initially appeared in the Vedic Upanishads, but its origin is probably to be searched well before the documented occurrence of the term, when its discipline was handed down orally. The fact that such an ancient practice has survived to the present day is testimony to the beneficial effects it has always had,
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  • Discover Indian traditional food

    Indian food is particularly loved all round the world for its spicy, hot and unique tastes. Indian cuisine  is divided mainly into four regions based on the four cardinal points of this great nation. Each region has its own charateristics and is influenced directly by different cultures and local traditions, as well as by the geography and by the availabilty of certain kinds of food. In the north of India food is usually less spicy than the rest of the country, thanks to the contaminations of the nearby countries it uses a great variety of spices and the typical dishes are usually more complex. Dried fruit, yoghurt and nuts are used to prepare dishes based on goat and lamb meat. Very frequent is also the use of saffron. The dishes that we usually identify as the “typical” Indian cuisine are from  Punjab.  Among the most famous dishes you can find the tandoori chicken (cooked in the tandoor, a clay oven), the naan e roti (two kinds of bread). The most used ...
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  • How to prepare a trip do India?

    India is a big country, and the variety of travel experiences that you can live in this amazing nation is even bigger. If you are going to take a tour that uses hotels out of the main cities it’s higly recomended to be mnore careful about hygiene, so take some hand sanitizer and sanitized tissues. To stay cool in the hot crowded cities  - and to better adapt to the conservative culture - it’s suggested to wear practical and comfortable clothes. Far from the bigger and westernized cities it’s important to respect the local culture even more, so always wear something to cover the arms and knees. Do not forget to stack on batteries, powerbanks and memory sticks for mobiles and camera, the pictures of this amazing trip will be a beautiful memory that will stay with you forever.
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    She manages a heritage resort and its activities

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Why visit India

India, perhaps the most magical country in Asia, is really a world apart, a keleidoscope of history, philosophy, culture and spirituality, where 645 ethnic minorities live together witouth homologating. The myth of India is fed by the modern stories of the megalopolises told by Chandra Vikram or by Salgari's exotic tales. The western world has found something that goes beyond rationality in India: you leave for India with a bit of fear, but if you open your mind and heart, you will easily fall in love with this land.

When visiting North India you cannot miss the capital Delhi, the meeting point between modernity and ancient traditions, Agra with the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, the colorful Rajasthan, with Jaipur, the magical pink city, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, the splendid and majestic cities of the Rajput princes.

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