India is best experienced in the beauty of Taj Mahal's magnificence at Agra, in Jaipur's palaces - the pearl of Rajasthan - and in New Delhi's cosmopolitan soul, where skyscrapers, mosques, markets and mausoleums all live side by side. India is also alive in Varanasi's sacred temples, in the Gange's river, where rituals, prayers and holy festivals are celebrated (like Kumbh Mela and Holi Festival).

Travelling up to the northern part of the country, you can see the great mountains, the Small Tibet and the Himalaya: these are all perfect destinations for trekking lovers.

Travelling down to the south you'll admire the green landscapes of Kerala and the backwaters, an intricate mix of green isles and swamps; you can explore them hopping on a traditional houseboat.

A tour in India, whether it's a classic Golden Triangle trip or a journey through the lush tea plantations, is an experience that will change your perspective forever.