How to prepare for a trip to India?

September 17, 2019

All the informations you need to know to prepare for a trip to India: what to wear, what things you can't forget, and how to respect local traditions.

Woman dancing in front of Taj Mahal

India is a big country, and the variety of travel experiences that you can live in this amazing nation is even bigger. If you are going to take a tour that uses hotels out of the main cities it’s higly recomended to be mnore careful about hygiene, so take some hand sanitizer and sanitized tissues.

To stay cool in the hot crowded cities - and to better adapt to the conservative culture - it’s suggested to wear practical and comfortable clothes. Far from the bigger and westernized cities it’s important to respect the local culture even more, so always wear something to cover the arms and knees.

Do not forget to stack on batteries, powerbanks and memory sticks for mobiles and camera, the pictures of this amazing trip will be a beautiful memory that will stay with you forever.

Indian priests on the street
Holy men in India on the street

How to behave in India?

In India there are many “unwritten rules” of which you should take note, here you can find some:

  • Remember to take off your shoes when entering the temples
  • Hugs and kisses are not very well seen in public
  • Feet are considered impure in India, if you touch anything or anyone with them apologize immediately
  • The left hand should never be used to eat or to pass something
  • There is no “personal space” like we know it, be ready to get into crowded situations both on public transports and big cities.
  • Always pay attention, especially if you are a woman, when you are in very crowded or remote places
  • Noise and chaos will be very frequent in many destinations around the country, don’t forget to take some earplugs if you want to take a nap at the hotel.

What to expect from a trip to India?

Travelling in India is beautiful but might prove exhausting, be sure to schedule some relax moments into your trip.

Indian culture and cuisine are very different from what we are accustomed to, the first approach might be a little traumatic. Just don’t give up, you’ll surely find “your” India.

Big cities, more or less developed villages and historic monuments are a great side of India, but don’t forget to take some time to explore some of the wild nature across the nation.

Women dressed in traditional Indian clothes
Women wearing traditional sari