Nature and national parks in India: where to see the wildlife

September 18, 2019

India is not only made of temples and monuments, but it's also a place where unique species of animals live: from asian elephants to rhinos, from cheetas to Bengali tigers. Try a safari experience in India.

Nameri National Park in India

India is not only about temples and monuments, but is also rich in biodiversity, where unique animal species reside, from Asian elephants to rhinos, from leopards to world famous Bengal tigers. If during your trip you wish to embark on a safari, India is the right place. Here are the national parks and the animals to see.

Asian elephants
Group of elephants

Ranthambore National Park and Bengal tigers

Ranthambore National Park is situated in the state of Rajasthan and is one of the most famous in India, especially due to the presence of Bengal tigers. It owes its name to the fortified citadel dating back to the 10th century located within the park. Thanks to the great tiger population, Ranthambore park is part of the Tiger Project.

The national park is located on the eastern slopes of Aravalli mountains and it hosts a quite dry landscape, interspersed by small lakes and rivers. Here you basically come to see Bengal tigers, but there are also Indian leopards, hyenas, bears, jackals and honey badgers.

Tiger in the tall grass
Tiger in a national park

Kaziranga National Park and rhinos

If you are interested in seeing Indian rhinos, the place to go is Kaziranga National Park, among Mikir and Karbi Aglong hills, in the heart of Assam.

Here a population of over 1200 rhinos is registered, but there are also buffaloes, deer, elephants, gibbons and tigers, the only predators of the rhino.

Baby rhinos in India
Baby rhino in a national park in India

Kabini elephants

The area of Kabini, in Karnataka, is a privileged gateway to Nagarhole National Park, where you mainly spot elephants and some occasional tiger. Here you can go on boat safaris with local professional guides, spotting several kinds of birds, as well as incredible flying squirrels.

This area used to be a hunting reserve for the maharajas, but it is fortunately now protected as a national park.

The Western Ghats

The Western Ghtas are a mountain range extending from Maharashtra to the southernmost tip of India. They are regarded as one of most biodiverse spots in the world.

Western ghats in India
Beautiful landscape of the western ghats

Among the Western Ghats you can find Sindhudurg, a pristine natural area of Maharashtra, go trekking while admiring flora and fauna, try rafting, taste excellent tea near Munnar or visit coffee plantations in Coorg, Karnataka.