India - Useful information for your trip

India, perhaps the most magical country in Asia, is really a world apart, a keleidoscope of history, philosophy, culture and spirituality, where 645 ethnic minorities live together witouth homologating. The myth of India is fed by the modern stories of the megalopolises told by Chandra Vikram or by Salgari's exotic tales. The western world has found something that goes beyond rationality in India: you leave for India with a bit of fear, but if you open your mind and heart, you will easily fall in love with this land.

When visiting North India you cannot miss the capital Delhi, the meeting point between modernity and ancient traditions, Agra with the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, the colorful Rajasthan, with Jaipur, the magical pink city, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, the splendid and majestic cities of the Rajput princes. The most daring hikers can even venture off to the Himalayas in Little Tibet.

Moving south you will find the green ricefields, Kerala backwaters with the typical houseboats, the beaches of Goa, Tamil Nadu, still not much known by tourists but yet fascinating thanks to its temples. Here the ancient tradition of the Ayurveda can surprise even the most skeptical of western travelers.

Best time to visit India

The climate in India is strongly influenced by the Himalaya and the Thar desert, which attracts the monsoons bringing heavy humidity, between June and October, and heavy rainfalls. Thanks to its extension, India encompasses six climate subtypes, from desert in the west, to alpine and glacial to the north, from tropical humid and tropical dry in the south-west and islands, to the subtropical and arid. India then boasts great biodiversity and is included among the 17 megadiverse countries.

It is home to 7.6 % of all the world's mammals, 12.6% of all the birds and 6.2% of all reptiles, just to mention a few numbers.

As for culture and traditions, India is a multi-faceted country: one trip is not enough to discover it all. For example, if you travel to India in spring, you will find that the cities come alive with the colors of the Holi festival, an event which evokes ancient Hindu rites and celebrates love, rebirth after winter and colors. People flock to the streets and get covered in colorful dust. The positivity of this festival is so contagious that Holi is now celebrated in many other countries of the world.

In January there is the Kumbh Mela, the greatest religious pilgrimage in the world, involving up to 100 milion people who flock to Ganges and Yamuna rivers to purify themselves from sin. 

What to eat in India

The Indian cuisine is traditionally spicy and tasty and the culinary experience will be a plus to your trip. You can taste the holy food (Langar), or drink Lassi, a popolar drink made with yoghurt and spices, or the delicious local tea, often accompanied by snacks. Don't forget to taste the chutney, the typical bittersweet sauce, and visit the spice gardens: the Indian cuisine is not just taste, is also smell.

What to do in India

India is the land of Yoga, very different from the practice known in the West and deeply linked to mystic beliefs. There are many Yoga disciplines, from Pranayama to Laughter Yoga, from Hatha Yoga to Acro Yoga. A holiday in India with the chance to practise yoga with the real masters of this art will be a benefit both for the soul and the body.

India is also the land of the Ganges and eastern spirituality: here four religions live together harmoniously, Hinduism, Buddhim, Jainisim and Sikhism, as well as Christinan, Jew and Muslim minorities. This combination of creeds has originated impressive cultural diversity and a proliferation of temples and religious buildings. From the aforementioned Taj Mahal, an imposing example of Moghul architecture, to Khajuraho temples. enriched with countless erotic depictions whose meaning is mysterious.

Let our local travel experts guide you and design your tailormade trip to India from scratch, let our local guides escort you and they will make you appreciate the most genuine side of this immense country. Follow our advice: it will be the journey of a lifetime.