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This time we' re taking you to Sri Lanka, a wonderful island country in Asia, rich in history, culture and breath-taking landscapes. Its beaches are long and untouched and the verdant nature will be a beautiful surprise. The coastal area of Hikkaduwa is famous for its amazing coral reef populated by several colorful fish species, which make it the perfect destination for snorkelling and scuba diving. The country's most beautiful beaches include Jaffna and Casuarina Beach.

But Sri Lanka, former Ceylon, is not only about beaches, even if they are extremely charming. The country also boasts several natural parks and protected areas, where lush and diverse vegetation is inhabited by endemic animals. Bundala, Yala, Ude Walawe, Wasgamuwa and Nuwara Eliya National Parks are all unmissable destinations for a family safari. At Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage you will meet the huge Asian elephants and get the chance to help cleaning them, learning more about the projects to save them from extinction: an experience that will impress even the most skeptical of visitors. 

Sri Lanka is also strongly connected to its traditions and past: the great cities, such as Colombo, Kandy and Galle, clearly show that modernity hasn't replaced mysticism. You will see it in the temples, in the religious buildings and the Buddha statutes. In Kandy you will come across the Temple of the Sacred Tooth, hosting a copy of a Buddha's relic which is also an important religious center. Dambulla Cave Temples will charm you with their decorated walls and holy statues, while history will reign supreme at Sigiriya rock, an ancient fortress in the shape of a lion, from whose top you can admire breath-taking views, and in Galle, famous for its Dutch Fort, where you can still feel the colonial atmosphere of the old Portuguese, British and Dutch rule.

During your holiday or tailormade tour in Sri Lanka do not forget to taste local dishes. Traditional courses are quite spicy, influenced by both Indian and Western culture. Curry is used as seasoning for many meat and fish specialities, which are also accompanied by rice and papadam, a seasoned pancake. Foods are often cooked in coconut milk, which is also a common drink. Some other famous beverages are the refined Ceylon tea, palm wine and arak, a spirit. Finally, stroll in the typical local markets where you can buy precious handicraft products and get in touch with the local population, always ready to smile to visitors.

Discover all our trips in Sri Lanka, and if they do not satisfy you, create your own tailormade tour with our travel experts. Your holiday in Sri Lanka will be a life-changing experience. 

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  • Sri Lanka's archeological marvels

    Sigiriya is a rock where the remains of a  fortress dating back to 477 A.D. can be found. It was built by king Kashyapa  on a rock higher than 370 meters. The main building, which also contained a giant lion head and paws, was excavated from the rock. Today the remains of the paws can still be seen. The fortress also has some details typical of a royal palace, such as frescos which can still be seen on some walls. Some say that these awesome frescos covered the external walls of the fortress. Most of the frescos were destroyed when the fortress was converted into a monastery after  Kashyapa was defeated by his brother, the true heir of the kingdom,  Mugallan. Apart from the main building, tourists can also see the trenches, the pools and the gardens which were part of this amazing royal palace. It's registered in the UNESCO world heritage list.
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  • 5 things you didn't know about Sri Lanka

    The dish that you will probably eat during your holiday in Sri Lanka is curry rice, never in powder unlike in Europe, but mixed with spices and toasted in a pan. It's interesting to note how many dishes are influenced by the colonial past of the country, such as the lamprais, of Dutch origin. It is made with boiled rice with curry and frikkadels, meatballs, and wrapped in banana leaves. Bolo fiado has Portuguese origins instead and is a layer cake.
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  • Ceylon tea

    Tea plays an important role in the culture of the Sinhalese people. Not only do the plantations of this delicious drink design the green landscape of Sri Lanka, but they also mark the day of the inhabitants. Any time is good to sip a cup of tea and there is a variety suitable for every hour of day. Tea was imported to this small island south of India by the British settlers. In 1870 a fungus destroyed the coffee plantations on the island. Sir Thomas Lipton, therefore, decided to put the hills and mountains of Sri Lanka to farming by importing a new product: in less than two decades the central area of ​​the country was used for massive cultivation of tea.
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  • Sri Lanka and sea: where to go and best beaches

    One of the reasons why people choose to visit Sri Lanka is also its magnificent sea: the beaches are certainly among the best places of interest while on a tour. After all, Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, with over 1,000 km of coastline, lends itself perfectly to those who, in addition to archaeological and cultural visits, also want to enjoy a little relaxation.
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  • What to see in Sri Lanka and sites of interest

    Anyone who is going to leave for a trip to Sri Lanka, in addition to comfortable clothes, sunglasses and comfortable shoes, should bring a good camera because the attractions to be immortalized are plenty. Marco Polo has defined it as the "most beautiful island in the world"; today, former Ceylon is dubbed India's tear because of its shape and position. With its lush and wild nature, its historical sites and colonial buildings, Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for those who want to combine relaxation and culture. To all of this, add the meeting with welcoming populations.
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Why visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, once known as Ceylon, is an island country in Asia. Because of its particular shape and its proximity to the Indian coast it has been nicknamed India's tear. The climate is tropical, hot and wet all year long, marked by monsoons that determine the trend of rains. 

When you visit this marvelous country you will be surely struck by its beaches, pristine verdant nature, the immense ricefields producing the delicious Ceylon tea  and the warmth of local population. Start from the city of Colombo, admire its enormous skyscrapers, and continue to discover the other fabulous cities. In Kandy you will come across the Temple of the Tooth, an important religious center hosting a relic of Buddha's tooth; in Galle you will find the famous Dutch Fort, a reminder of the colonial period. Finally, beautiful Nuwara Eliya, once a holiday resort for the British settlers, will amaze you with its wild natural landscape, lush plantations, impressive waterfalls and European-style houses. Explore the ancient archaeological site in Polonnaruwa, maybe on a bike, and get lost in history.

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