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Who would not wish to visit Japan? A land full of harmonious contradictions, colors, fragrances, flavors and delicate atmospheres to be discovered. In Japan, on the one hand, you'll get in touch with the most ancient traditions, linked mainly to tea ceremonies, geishas and onsen, but you'll also come across modern, teeming, lively and bright cities, like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Sapporo.

Are you looking for the ultimate tailormade tour in the country of the samurais and cherry blossoms? We are about to surprise you with our travel proposals: we'll let you walk the streets of Tokyo and it will be like entering a new world, in which, despite the vastness of this metropolis, everything seems within reach. On the one hand the high skyscrapers, results of cutting-edge engineering construction techniques, on the other famous ancient well-preserved temples; traditional markets by day, neon signs of bars and discos lighting up the sky by night.

Your journey will then perhaps lead you to Kyoto, the city of geishas, or Hiroshima, where you can still see the remains of the buildings destroyed by the atomic bomb, to Mount Fuji, which is the symbol of Japan or to picturesque Shirakawago, a medieval village famous for its wooden houses, registered among the Unesco Heritage Sites.

During your vacation, do not forget to relax in one of the typical onsen, natural hot springs of volcanic origin that the Japanese are very fond of attending. It will be a way to recharge your batteries and to mingle with the locals. Japan is the ideal destination for a trip throughout the year, but it is indeed especially attractive in the spring, with the blooming of cherries, when the landscape is romantically tinged with pink hues.

And what about Japanese hospitality and cuisine (including world-famous sushi)? These will be small but valuable details that will make your stay unforgettable.

Whether you choose a tour or a stay, in both cases you will not be disappointed by the Land of the Rising Sun that will surprise you more than you can imagine. ViviTravels local experts offer you the chance to create the tailormade travel itinerary that fits with your needs, creating the tour that best suits you stage by stage. We are sure you will bring indelible memories home with you.

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