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Who would not wish to visit Japan? A land full of harmonious contradictions, colors, fragrances, flavors and delicate atmospheres to be discovered. In Japan, on the one hand, you'll get in touch with the most ancient traditions, linked mainly to tea ceremonies, geishas and onsen, but you'll also come across modern, teeming, lively and bright cities, like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Sapporo.

Are you looking for the ultimate tailormade tour in the country of the samurais and cherry blossoms? We are about to surprise you with our travel proposals: we'll let you walk the streets of Tokyo and it will be like entering a new world, in which, despite the vastness of this metropolis, everything seems within reach. On the one hand the high skyscrapers, results of cutting-edge engineering construction techniques, on the other famous ancient well-preserved temples; traditional markets by day, neon signs of bars and discos lighting up the sky by night.

Your journey will then perhaps lead you to Kyoto, the city of geishas, or Hiroshima, where you can still see the remains of the buildings destroyed by the atomic bomb, to Mount Fuji, which is the symbol of Japan or to picturesque Shirakawago, a medieval village famous for its wooden houses, registered among the Unesco Heritage Sites.

During your vacation, do not forget to relax in one of the typical onsen, natural hot springs of volcanic origin that the Japanese are very fond of attending. It will be a way to recharge your batteries and to mingle with the locals. Japan is the ideal destination for a trip throughout the year, but it is indeed especially attractive in the spring, with the blooming of cherries, when the landscape is romantically tinged with pink hues.

And what about Japanese hospitality and cuisine (including world-famous sushi)? These will be small but valuable details that will make your stay unforgettable.

Whether you choose a tour or a stay, in both cases you will not be disappointed by the Land of the Rising Sun that will surprise you more than you can imagine. ViviTravels local experts offer you the chance to create the tailormade travel itinerary that fits with your needs, creating the tour that best suits you stage by stage. We are sure you will bring indelible memories home with you.

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Further detail

  • What is a geisha?

    The geisha is a traditional Japanese artist and entertainer, whose figure was widespread in the eighteenth and nineteenth century and which is now gradually disappearing. Geishas are women particularly well versed in music, singing and dance. The apprentice geisha is called maiko. The original maiko of Gion district (the "geisha quarter" in Kyoto ) is also often called geiko. The 2005 film Memoirs of a Geisha, based on the novel by Arthur Golden, has made this figure popular in the West, often in a stereotypical manner.

    The image that normally one has of the geisha is that of a woman with pale skin, elaborate hairstyles and a flamboyant kimono. In fact, this type of clothing, is more typical of the maiko, rather than the geisha.
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  • Hanami: the cherry blossom in Japan

    The most charming and romantic time to visit Japan is undoubtedly the spring, when cities turn pink and white with cherry blossom. In Japanese there is a special term for the act of admiring these flowers, hanami, which refers to the habit of traditional Japanese to enjoy the beauty of this triumph of nature. The flowers of the cherry trees are instead called sakura. Over time the Hanami has become a feast: every year, millions of Japanese travel to the cities to admire the flowering, a moment that certainly fascinates visitors. The spectacle of sakura can be contemplated from the beginning of April in the island of Honshu and up to mid-May in the north, in the Hokkaido area.
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  • The real sushi

    Sushi, what a passion! Over the last ten years there has been no city in the western hemisphere that hasn't opened one or more Japanese restaurants and sushi bars. But what is really sushi? Let's find out together.

    Sushi is a dish of the Japanese cuisine made of rice, accompanied by fish, seaweed, vegetables or eggs, stuffed with raw, cooked or marinated ingredients, served wrapped in a strip of seaweed, resting on rice, or within a tofu crankset.
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  • 10 things you shouldn't do in Japan

    Are you about to leave on a holiday for wonderful Japan? You'd better know that the Japanese are very attached to their traditions and good manners are essential. So here's some advice on what to avoid during your vacation in the land of the Rising Sun.

    1. Do not hug a Japanese. Japanese people do not appreciate effusions, especially in public places, so you should avoid hugging or give kisses on the cheek to a local person, because it would be perceived as out of place. A handshake is preferred.

    2. Do not ignore a greeting. For the Japanese it is good practice to always respond. If for obvious linguistic reasons you are in trouble to reciprocate, answer with "konnichiwa", translated as "hello". If you want to launch yourself into more complex forms, you can try "Ohayo gozaimasu" ( "good morning") or "Konbanwa" (good evening).

    3. Do not forget to answer a bow. If a Japanese, in a store or restaurant, bows in front of you, you are expected to reciprocate in ...
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Why visit Japan

Japan is a country with incredible charm, capable of satisfying the most demanding traveler, thanks to the variety of landscapes and hospitality of the local population. You will find large, modern cosmopolitan cities, like the capital Tokyo, full of artistic and cultural attractions and hosting many festivals throughout the year, as well as social events and fashion shows. The most important museums include Tokyo National Museum, where you can admire the largest collection of Japanese art in the world; the National Museum of Western Art, and the National Modern Art Museum. The skyline of this city is impressive and at the same time absolutely fascinating, with countless skyscrapers next to each other.

Other cities to include in the travel itinerary are then Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kanazawa, Takayama, Hakone, Osaka and Sapporo: all very modern and at the same time linked to the most ancient traditions of the Rising Sun, from the geisha district in Kyoto (the famous Gion), to the samurai stories, from ancient temples to tea ceremonies and the habit of going to the onsen, natural volcanic hot springs, and celebrating the blossom of cherry trees.

Japan then also boasts impressive natural landscapes: an archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean, it includes a lot of islands, of which the four largest are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku. Much of the Japanese territory is covered by forests and steep mountains making it unsuitable for agriculture, industrial or residential use. Furthermore, the islands of Japan are located in a volcanic area and feature about 108 active volcanoes. This volcanic area causes lava eruptions and earth movements that result in devastating earthquakes and destructive tsunamis.

The climate is temperate but shows some significant variations between the northern and southern islands, which are more fully characterized by a subtropical climate, with warm winters and hot summers.

Finally, for those who like to relax lying on magnificent beaches, Japan offers small corners of paradise featuring white sand lapped by transparent crystal clear sea. Moreover, thanks to the proximity of the reef, you can enjoy the view of colorful tropical fish. The islands with the most beautiful beaches are concentrated in the Okinawa area, Tokashiki Island, Zamami Island and Aka Island.

What you waiting for? Our travel experts are at your disposal for creating your dream tailormade tour and vacation!

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