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Indonesia and Bali - Travel tips

Indonesia is a dream destination for anyone looking for wild nature and contact with a distant culture. Surely, during your vacation you don't want to miss a seaside stop in Bali, sorrounded by long pristine beaches, crystal clear sea, lush nature and the smell of tropical fruit.

Indonesia and Bali, in Asia, are really capable of seducing even the most restrained visitor, thanks to their rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes, home to one of the richest biodiversities of the planet, incredible local architecture, art, sculpture and music. Our local travel experts will help you create your tailormade trip in Indonesia and Bali and thanks to their advice you will be amazed at the sight of numerous Buddhist temples, such as Borobudur temple, declared a Unesco Heritage Site, but also by Lombok's uncountable lonely, wild, remote beaches, the volcanoes in Java and Sumatra, by its lively and cosmopolitan cities, such as Jakarta, the capital city with a dual personality. It is elegant, luxurious and splendid in the centre, enriched with modern skyscrapers and hotels, but poor and still close to traditions in the suburbs.

And then there is Bali, that doesn't really need introductions. This tropical paradise is famous all over the world and considered a dream holiday destination. Few people know that Bali is also an ancient city boasting an important cultural centre, where different cultures have met and mixed. Bali will surely surprise you with its incredible beaches and unique nightlife.

During your seaside holiday in Bali or tailormade tour in Indonesia, do not forget to taste the local traditional dishes, such as nasi campur, the national course, made of rice with vegetables, spices and seafood. Join the cheerful dances of the locals, get lost among the ricefields, go trekking in the forests and climb to the top of the volcanoes. Reach the remote Komodo island to meet the famous dragons or marvel at the sight of the temples and green terraces of Ubud. This and much more awaits you in Indonesia. Whate are you waiting for? Create your tailormade trip, it will be a thrilling experience!

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