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Indonesia is a dream destination for anyone looking for wild nature and contact with a distant culture. Surely, during your vacation you don't want to miss a seaside stop in Bali, sorrounded by long pristine beaches, crystal clear sea, lush nature and the smell of tropical fruit.

Indonesia and Bali, in Asia, are really capable of seducing even the most restrained visitor, thanks to their rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes, home to one of the richest biodiversities of the planet, incredible local architecture, art, sculpture and music. Our local travel experts will help you create your tailormade trip in Indonesia and Bali and thanks to their advice you will be amazed at the sight of numerous Buddhist temples, such as Borobudur temple, declared a Unesco Heritage Site, but also by Lombok's uncountable lonely, wild, remote beaches, the volcanoes in Java and Sumatra, by its lively and cosmopolitan cities, such as Jakarta, the capital city with a dual personality. It is elegant, luxurious and splendid in the centre, enriched with modern skyscrapers and hotels, but poor and still close to traditions in the suburbs.

And then there is Bali, that doesn't really need introductions. This tropical paradise is famous all over the world and considered a dream holiday destination. Few people know that Bali is also an ancient city boasting an important cultural centre, where different cultures have met and mixed. Bali will surely surprise you with its incredible beaches and unique nightlife.

During your seaside holiday in Bali or tailormade tour in Indonesia, do not forget to taste the local traditional dishes, such as nasi campur, the national course, made of rice with vegetables, spices and seafood. Join the cheerful dances of the locals, get lost among the ricefields, go trekking in the forests and climb to the top of the volcanoes. Reach the remote Komodo island to meet the famous dragons or marvel at the sight of the temples and green terraces of Ubud. This and much more awaits you in Indonesia. Whate are you waiting for? Create your tailormade trip, it will be a thrilling experience!

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  • 5 things you didn't know about Indonesia

    Indonesia and Bali are particularly famous for their fine crafts, especially concerning textile items. While traveling to the various islands you will notice the variety of local production, which differs according to the different ethnic groups. Famous is the batik, the art of covering fabrics in wax, which are then dyed with bright colors. This practice, widespread in particular in Yogyakarta and Java, however, is not the only one worthy of interest. In fact there are also the famous ikat fabrics in Flores (see image below), colored fabrics with allegorical representations, or knives and traditional swords embellished with jewels that are called kris.
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  • Bali, the island of gods

    Bali is perhaps the most popular of the over 17,000 islands in Indonesia, home to about 4 million people. The climate is warm all year round, although in general the best time to visit Bali is from mid-May to mid October, as in the rest of the year rain and humidity are more frequent. In Bali English is spoken everywhere, even if the official languages ​​are Indonesian and Balinese, with various local dialects spoken all around the island. Bali, also known as the " island of the gods ", is associated with the idea of ​​tropical paradise and reality does not differ much from imagination. The island in fact offers lush tropical nature, postcard beaches and a culture characterized by a deep spirituality. In addition, its transparent waters and variously populated sea bottoms are excellent for those who love snorkeling and diving. The 80% of tourism in Indonesia is poured on Bali.
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  • The Komodo dragons

    Komodo National Park in Indonesia, home to the famous and terrible Komodo dragons is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This unique ecosystem, accessible by boat from Labuan Bajo town, is home to these semi-mythical creatures, known as the largest lizards in the world: visitors are fascinated and come for a tour to see them up close, always accompanied by local guides, On the island of Komodo they count for little less than three thousand specimens, while there are about 2,400 on the nearby islands of Rinca. In all the world there are little more than five thousand, scattered among the aforementioned islands and those of Flores   and Padar. These beasts are not just carnivorous, but even cannibals and, not recognizing their offsprings, sometimes they eat them, as well as their peers in the absence of other sources of nutrition. The little dragons often take refuge in trees to escape their parents: here they mainly eat birds. Once they reach adolescence and become large enough ...
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  • The most beautiful beaches in Bali

    One of the most popular destinations in Indonesia is undoubtedly Bali, visited above all for its beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean. Bali is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Asia, for travelers from all over the world who come here especially on honeymoon. Resorts, massage centers, luxury hotels with swimming pools and beaches for surfing and other water sports: it is not difficult to understand why this island of Indonesia is so loved by young and old. Are you leaving for Bali? Here is our selection of the five most beautiful beaches.
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  • What to see in Java

    Java is an island of Indonesia located between Sumatra and Bali. Rich in volcanoes, it is the economic and most populous center of Indonesia, also hosting the capital Jakarta. If you are about to embark on a trip to Indonesia, almost certainly your holiday will start from Java: here are the sites of interest you should not miss.
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  • What to see in Sumatra

    A large island with a typically tropical habitat, Sumatra, Indonesia, lies west of Java (from which the Sonda islands separate it) and is famous for its volcanoes, jungles and orangutans. Crossed by the chain of the Barisan mountains, it is frequently affected by volcanic eruptions that make the landscape spectacular. A must-see landmark during a trip to Sumatra is the picturesque Lake Toba, the largest caldera in the world. The nature of Sumatra is rich and varied: in addition to the orangutans (in danger of extinction), there are Sumatran tigers, tapirs and incredible plant species such as rafflesia. If Sumatra is included in your travel itinerary in Indonesia, here are the attractions that you shouldn't miss.
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  • Jakarta: what to see

    Capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is a huge metropolis hosting about nine million people. Situated on Java's northern coast, the city has been expanding over the years, incorporating the nearby villages called "kampung". Today Jakarta is a maze of roads, highways, lanes and suburbs. It's easy to get lost. The best way to explore it is with a local guide or renting a car, provided that you don't fear traffic jams in the rush hours. If you are about to visit this huge city, the perfect starting point for an Indonesia tour, here are some useful tips on what to see.
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  • When to go to Bali

    Bali, island of gods, its rice fields, its sea and its millenary culture; its rich nature challenging the sky growing wild, its temples, the vivid eyes of its people.
    This Indonesian isle has always fascinated you (not by chance it has become more and more popular over the past few years), and in the end you’ve decided to go, swim in its sea and sleep under its stars. The most important information you need when you are planning this trip is when to go to Bali ; which is the best period of the year for visiting this Indonesian luxuriant island?
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  • Where to go in Indonesia

    When you think about organizing a trip to Indonesia you immediately think of the beaches of Bali, and rightly so. But Indonesia, an insular state between the Indian and Pacific Ocean and made up of more than 17,000 islands, is much more than that.

    If you are planning a tour of Indonesia, here are 10 locations outside of Bali with which this magical land is ready to surprise you.


    Medan is the capital of northern Sumatra, and is an important economic and commercial center for the region, as well as being the largest city on the island of Sumatra. Its inhabitants belong to different ethnic groups, a diversity that has meant that the city was enriched with a very varied gastronomy. The sites of interest include the Maimoon palace, the local markets and the great mosque, symbol of the metropolis, while nearby, easily accessible from the city, visitors find lake Toba, Samosir island and Berastagi. How to get here and around You can reach the city of ...
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  • Indonesian cuisine: what to eat region by region

    The culture and history of a nation cannot be separated from its food. For this reason a trip to Indonesia cannot be complete without having tried the local cuisine, trying to understand it and appreciate it, even if often different from Western taste. Here are the foods to try area by area in Indonesia. Gudeg in Yogyakarta The city of Yogyakarta offers a great deal to lovers of good food wishing to experiment. To be tasted, however, there is absolutely the Gudeg, one of the specialties of this city. It is a dish prepared with unripe jackfruit, called gori, traditional herbs and sometimes with eggs and chicken. Accompanying these ingredients, there is the rice and cow skin made soft by cooking. Any restaurant in Yogyakarta serves the Gudeg. The gori, before being used as an ingredient, is boiled with palm sugar and coconut milk for several hours, usually in a clay pot. Once ready, it is put in the dish with the other ingredients, often accompanied by garlic, shallots, coriander ...
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  • 10 destinations in Indonesia for anyone who loves nature

    Anyone who decides to organize a trip to Indonesia is generally fascinated by its wild nature, pristine forests, rich flora, its varied fauna, beaches, waterfalls... If you seek an escape from the routine of everyday life, from the smog and gray of winter, well, this magnificent archipelago has a lot to offer. Here are 10 attractions to discover to immerse yourself in the amazing nature of Southeast Asia.
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  • Languages and populations of Indonesia: things to know

    Are you planning a trip to Indonesia ? Prepare to be fascinated not only by the beaches and the wilderness, but also by the unforgettable meeting with the local population, indeed, with the local populations, as the archipelago of Indonesia is inhabited by different ethnic groups with their own customs and traditions.

    It will be an unforgettable adventure, you will not regret having chosen this destination!
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  • 10 curious traditions and customs of Indonesia

    The best part of a trip to Indonesia is meeting the local populations, knowing the customs and habits that a Westerner may find curious and bizarre, being carried away by the whirlwind of colors, music, dances of different ethnic groups.

    After all, the purpose of each trip should be to return different from how you started: so leave your inhibitions at home and get ready to experience something unforgettable.
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Why visit Indonesia and Bali

Are you looking for a holiday in a tropical paradise, sorrounded by lush nature and dream beaches? Then you should take a trip to Indonesia and Bali, in Asia. Thanks to to their ancient and relevant history, the heritage left by ancient populations, the evidence of the colonial period and its natural beauties, they are the ideal place for a journey or vacation to discover an unknown reality. The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta, an hectic metropolits featuring a combination of tall skyscrapers, modern facilities and a still strong sense of traditions in the temples, religious buildings and the simple life of the outskirts.

Indonesia mainly fascinates visitors thanks to Bali, the world famous paradise island located in Sonda archipelago, separated from Java by the Bali Strait.  Its main city is Denpasar, while at the center of the island lies Mount Batur, a majestive active volcano. The Balinese coasts are crowded with tourists all year round, especially in the stunning beaches of Kuta and Seminyak, Samur, Jimbaran and many others. Kuta is the perfect place in Bali for surf lovers while Ubud, at the center of the island, is the cultural capital. The island of Bali is also popular for its hectic nightlife, so if you're looking for entertainment you won't be disappointed.

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