Indonesia and Bali - Useful information for your trip

Are you looking for a holiday in a tropical paradise, sorrounded by lush nature and dream beaches? Then you should take a trip to Indonesia and Bali, in Asia. Thanks to to their ancient and relevant history, the heritage left by ancient populations, the evidence of the colonial period and its natural beauties, they are the ideal place for a journey or vacation to discover an unknown reality. The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta, an hectic metropolits featuring a combination of tall skyscrapers, modern facilities and a still strong sense of traditions in the temples, religious buildings and the simple life of the outskirts.

Indonesia mainly fascinates visitors thanks to Bali, the world famous paradise island located in Sonda archipelago, separated from Java by the Bali Strait.  Its main city is Denpasar, while at the center of the island lies Mount Batur, a majestive active volcano. The Balinese coasts are crowded with tourists all year round, especially in the stunning beaches of Kuta and Seminyak, Samur, Jimbaran and many others. Kuta is the perfect place in Bali for surf lovers while Ubud, at the center of the island, is the cultural capital. The island of Bali is also popular for its hectic nightlife, so if you're looking for entertainment you won't be disappointed.

As for nature, Indonesia and Bali are full of contrasts. You can find wide uninhabited wild areas in all the islands, being home to one of the greatest biodiversity of the planet. The flora and fauna of Indonesia and Bali are characterized by a mix of Asian and Australiasian species. 7,000 islands, of the 17,508 belonging to the state, are densely populated. However, they are located on tectonic faults, making them subject to numerous phenomena of volcanism and earthquakes. Komodo island is famous for the dragons, Lombok is popular for its nature and beaches, in Sumatra you'll find small villages where time seems to have stopped. 

The Indonesian population is made up of many ethnic groups with different languages and religions, that have developed a national identity by welcoming a national common language, the Indonesian. The predominant examples of the Indonesian and Balinese architecture were influenced by the Indian tradition, but you can also admire magnificent temples such as the Buddhist Borobudur temple, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Art and sculpture feature both beautiful examples of ancient rock paintings and works of emerging artists.

You can arrange a dream trip to Indonesia with the help of our local travel experts, perhaps combining it with a sea extension in Bali. Thanks to their suggestions and expertise, you will get to know the most genuine side of this fabulous land, the most untame natural spots and the most beautiful beaches. Do not hesitate and contact them: they are willing to share their knowledge with you and make you live an emotion-packed vacation!