Holidays in Bali: when to go

September 25, 2019

What's the weather in Bali? And the best time for beach life? Here are all the tips to make sure you organize your vacation at the right time!

Bali sea in Indonesia

Bali, island of gods, charms you with its rice fields, its sea and its millenary culture; its rich nature challenging the sky growing wild, its temples, the vivid eyes of its people.
This Indonesian isle has always fascinated you (not by chance it has become more and more popular over the past few years), and you’ve finally decided to go, swim in its sea and sleep under its stars.

The most important informations you need when you are planning this trip is when to go to Bali; which is the best period of the year for visiting this Indonesian luxuriant island?

Bali landscape, Indonesia
Bali boasts a tropical climate and lush vegetation.

Bali's weather

Bali is one of the many islands that compose the Indonesian archipelago, made by a myriad of small and big volcanic isles and different ethnic groups who peacefully live together.

Bali’s weather is tropical, featured by high temperatures during the whole year and by two different seasons: a rain season and a dry one.
It is precisely the periodical presence of precipitation that allows to find out a best period to visit Bali, unlike what happens for other Indonesian islands.

Rain is more common between November and March and, even though it is not unusual to find it also during the rest of the year, in the dry season these downpours end quickly.
The short duration of precipitation is the reason why the sun shines every day, also in winter: it's more difficult to visit Bali during colder months because of the higher humidity.

In the dry season, the weather is slightly cooler (the average temperature is about 26 Celsius degrees), which results in a most pleasant climate.
The less humid area is the south, where Denpasar, Kuta, Pecatu and Seminyak are, while the outback is often covered by clouds.

Sometimes there are tropical cyclones passing through the Indian Ocean hit Bali, causing strong wind and rain; this happens particularly between January and March.

Bali sea, Indonesia
The turquoise sea in Bali.

When to go to Bali

The best period to visit Bali is summer. From June to September the sun shines in the sky and the humidity levels are not too high.

If you don't have a specific time frame for your travel to Bali, you have to consider that August is the best month thanks to the dry climate; March and October are good compromises for anyone who wants to visit the island on a tight budget and enjoy a still acceptable weather (even if it's quite humid).

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