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Kyrgyzstan is a country located in Central Asia which boasts a mountainous territory and incredible natural beauties and treasures.

During your tailormade tour or vacation in Kyrgyzstan visit the lakes Issyk-Kul and Saryčelek, included in the Unesco's Biosphere Reserves. In fact, every year several species of animals find here their shrine. Climb the slopes of the picturesque mountains that design the surrounding landscape.

It is also possible to discover and visit the cities, from the most traditional, such as Osh, to the most cosmopolitan, like Bishkek, where you'll see the colourful bazaar where it is possible to buy handicraft products, amazing local architectural examples and especially, you'll have the chance to get in touch with the inhabitants, who boast a great sense of hospitality, and taste the delicious traditional dishes, such as laghman and plov.

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  • Kyrgyzstan, traditions and curiosities

    Still untouched from mass tourism, Kyrgyzstan boasts a pristine nature and a vibrant tradition that is rooted in nomadism and the over 80 ethnic groups that peacefully live together, making this nation a successful cultural melting pot. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan is a unique experience: endless lakes melt into the night offering a duplicated Vault of Heaven, mountains draw rugged boundaries between earth and sky and local people are among the most hospitable in the whole world. Thanks to its uniqueness, Kyrgyzstan is rich with traditions that look bizarre to our occidental eye, and it’s able to transform every journey in a diary full of emotions that speaks to the soul, changing it forever.
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  • Angela Piskunova


    The good hospitality of people, beautiful snow-capped mountains, ...

Why visit Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country in Central Asia without any access to the sea. Its territory is mainly mountainous, boasting an average altitude of 2,750 m over sea level and covered by perennial snow and ice. Tien Shan is a mountain range, located in the southern-eastern part of the country, which designs a picturesque landscape and forms a beautiful natural border with China. This mountain chain also hosts amazing little lakes, such as Ysykköl, 700 m deep, and the even smaller Songköl. In addition, in the country it is possible to admire other larger and more important lakes, such as Issyk-Kul and Saryčelek, that are included in Unesco's Biosphere Reserve. Here, in fact, every year many migratory birds and other animals, such as brown bear, wolf, lynx, boar, marmot, pika, snow leopard and yak find their shrine.

The population is made up of a union of many different ethnic groups, that speak different languages and have diverse traditions and customs, anyway they are all characterized by a great sense of hospitality. Traditionally, Kyrgyz people are nomads, this choice of life has greatly influenced their clothes, foods and customs.

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