Kyrgyzstan - Useful information for your trip

Kyrgyzstan is a country in Central Asia without any access to the sea. Its territory is mainly mountainous, boasting an average altitude of 2,750 m over sea level and covered by perennial snow and ice. Tien Shan is a mountain range, located in the southern-eastern part of the country, which designs a picturesque landscape and forms a beautiful natural border with China. This mountain chain also hosts amazing little lakes, such as Ysykköl, 700 m deep, and the even smaller Songköl. In addition, in the country it is possible to admire other larger and more important lakes, such as Issyk-Kul and Saryčelek, that are included in Unesco's Biosphere Reserve. Here, in fact, every year many migratory birds and other animals, such as brown bear, wolf, lynx, boar, marmot, pika, snow leopard and yak find their shrine.

The population is made up of a union of many different ethnic groups, that speak different languages and have diverse traditions and customs, anyway they are all characterized by a great sense of hospitality. Traditionally, Kyrgyz people are nomads, this choice of life has greatly influenced their clothes, foods and customs.

Kyrgyzstan follows eco-tourism principles in order to preserve the landscapes, where it is possible to admire amazing natural treasures. The country also offers gaudy and lively cities, among which is Osh, which boasts one of the most renowned baazars of the region, but also spectacular examples of local architecture, such as Rabat Abdullah Khan mosque, National Museum of Culture, Kyrgyz dramatic theatre and the Orthodox Church. Bishkek, a cosmopolitan city and strategic starting point for a trip to the mountain peaks, also boasts a tall statue of Lenin in its main square. Torugart  represents the most fascinating and challenging access to China, while the picturesque Karakol is famous thanks to its long alley studded by apple threes.

During your holiday in Kyrgyzstan do not forget to taste local dishes, characterized by a perfect union of the main Central-Asian and Russian ingredients.