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A trip to Myanmar is impossible to forget. Ancient temples to be admired from a hot-air balloon, traditions that resist against the passing of time, golden pagodas and warm hospitality from local people. Anyone who chooses to travel to former Burma leaves for a charming trip which is full of emotion-packed experiences.

Let yourself be guided by our travel experts among temples and monasteries, pagodas and heartfelt religious traditions. One of the places that will leave you breathless will certainly be Shwedagon Paya in Yangon, covered in gold and symbol of the country.The spectacular Mandalay hill with its religious buildings on top and the breath-taking panoramic view will be another stop to add to your itinerary, along with Mingun, the ancient royal city, Bagan temples (that you can also soar on a hot-air balloon), Lake Inle, famous for its villages and fishermen who move around on traditional boats standing on one leg, U Bein bridge, the access to the ancient capital of Amarapura, Ngapali beach and incredible river Ayeyarwaddy.

Finally, our local travel experts will escort you to Golden Rock, a mysterious monument balanced on the slopes of a mountain, worshipped by the locals. Follow us and discover the magic of this country: you won't be disappointed. Your tailormade tour will be sensational and will leave you with indelible memories.

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  • Top 10 bars and restaurants in Yangon

    Yangon in Myanmar is an extremely fascinating city. Be it because of its shining pagodas or be it for its welcoming population, still so close to tradition, a holiday in this city is bound to be utterly unforgettable. If you are planning a trip, here is a mini-guide of the best bars and restaurants in the city. Are you looking for fine dining while visiting South East Asia ? Le Planteur Restaurant & Bar (80 University Avenue, Bahan township, Yangon, Myanmar) offers gourmet European cuisine, excellent wine, a tea room and an elegant bistro. Discover it while visiting Myanmar.
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  • 5 things you didn't know about Myanmar

    How do you really call this country? Burma or Myanmar? Both the current name of Myanmar, decided by the soldiers, both the name Burma, refer to the prevailing ethnic group, the Burmese. Even the most famous city, once Rangoon, is now called Yangon. Today, it is common to refer to the country as Myanmar.
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Why visit Myanmar

Myanmar opened its doors to tourism only in recent years and this has meant that, in the eyes of those who visit it, the country still appears as a land that preserved itself intact and faithful to its ancient traditions. Visiting Myanmar really is an immersion in a local culture still strongly tied to its roots, to discover a way of life far away from the Western experience. Visitors are always in awe in front of the great artistic heritage of the country, including temples, monasteries, golden pagodas and tombs. Main attractions include the Shwedagon Paya in Yangon, a golden pagoda built over 2500 years ago and surrounded by many small temples, Mandalay Hill, Mingun, the ancient royal city, the temples of Bagan and the beautiful Lake Inle. And then there is also U Bein bridge, gateway to the ancient capital of Amarapura, Mount Kyaiktiyo with the mysterious Golden Rock balanced on its slopes, Ngapali beach and the incredible Ayeyarwaddy River.

Myanmar, officially the Republic of the Union of Burma, occupies part of the Indochina peninsula overlooking the Bay of Bengal on the Andaman Sea. Contrary to to popular belief, its capital is not Yangon, but Naypyidaw. Its territory can be divided into five areas: the mountains to the north, the west, the plateau in the east, the coast and the central basin area. The peaks of the north are connected to the Himalayas, while to the east lies the Shan Plateau, arid in the north and characterized by tropical forests in the south. The climate is strongly influenced by the monsoons on the coast, with high temperatures and abundant rainfall in the summer, while in the winter, thanks to the winds, the temperature is cold and dry. Occasionally Myanmar is crossed by cyclones, especially in the rainy season from April to October.

Former Burma is also fascinating for its pristine natural heritage. Forests cover almost 50% of the Burmese territory offering various types of precious woods such as teak. Rubber, bamboo, mangroves, palms, oaks, pines and rhododendrons are also grown. Wildlife includes tigers, leopards, elephants, bison, wild boars, parrots, pheasants and tapirs. As for the economy, Myanmar is one of the poorest nations in the world. The primary sector employs over 60% of the population and rice is the most cultivated agricultural product. In the mountains of the north-east opium cultivation is also widespread. Discreet is also the presence of oil reserves and natural gas.

Let our travel experts guide you and discover Myanmar with a tailormade tour, created according to your needs: it will be a vacation you will never forget.

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