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Come with us and discover Laos, in Asia, one of the wildest countries in Indochina, its nature and culture still appearing untouched. If you are willing to leave your everyday city life behind for a while and rediscover a slower pace, more relaxed human relationships and untame nature, then this is the vacation for you. This isolation from the modern world has allowed Laotians to keep their customs intact, so much so that those who travel to Laos perceive the impact of the local culture even more deeply.

What will surprise you at first is the local population: about 49 ethnic groups live together, each with different traditions and languages​​. Although Lao is the official language of the country, only a small percentage of the population is able to speak it, this is why the different ethnic groups prefer to use their own idioms.

The slow pace and quietness of this population, which fascinates those who take a trip to Laos, is also felt in the silent natural environment flanking the Mekong River, along the path leading up to Ho Chi Minh, or even in the unusual Plain of Jars, but also in the urban areas that still maintain the tranquillity of the past, such as Luang Prabang, which still shows few signs of modernity, or the capital city, Vientiane.

Let our travel experts guide you and discover Laos: you won't be disappointed. Design your tailormade tour with them and you'll see a land that will be able to surprise you at every step. 

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