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Those who choose to travel to Mongolia generally do so in order to explore its unspoilt territory, mainly attracted by the beauty and fame of the Gobi desert, or by the splendid mountains in the north, where the climate is extremely cold. Tourists always appreciate the natural attractions of this country, its steppes and vast expanses, punctuated by yurtas, the typical Mongolian village houses.

But Mongolia can also satisfy those who are in search of culture, thanks to its massive historical legacy. Sites that cannot be missed are the ruins of Kharakhorum, once the capital city of the ancient Mongolian empire, where you will find the first Buddhist monastery of the country, Erdene Zuu.

Those who prefer to visit big cities will find the capital Ulaan Baatar interesting thanks to its structure and wide spaces.

But if you really want to know the culture of the Mongolian population, you cannot skip a visit to its monasteries, mystical sites where art and religion combine perfectly. For all these reasons, a trip to Mongolia is a trip you cannot forget. Design your tailormade tour and vacation with our travel experts, you won't be disappointed. 

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