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A trip to China allows you to live a unique and esclusive experience.

China boasts over 4,000 years of history enriched by strong traditions. Its culture and habits are some of the richest on the whole Earth. Chinese people have also been capable to preserve themselves, although the progress of modernity.

This country offers attractions of artistic, historic and cultural interest. Imagine to stroll along the Great Wall of China, so majestic and apparently so distant, it encloses an autonomous world, still wrapped by a mysterious voile. Enjoy the several and fascinating pagodas, characteristic buildings with a religious function. Each one boasts well-refined details, particular colours and meanings. Finally, live the true atmosphere of China, walking through the alleys of the Forbidden City, located in the heart of Beijing, the capital city.

Not only the ancient traditions, culture and habits will enrapture you. In fact, China provides also modern and beautiful architectural masterpieces in many of its cities, like Hong Kong. Large boulevards, studded by renowned shops and typical boutiques, small areas in which handicraft products are sold, lively and colourful markets, but also famous and popular bars, clubs and restaurants, ready to serve you the traditional Chinese dishes.

During your vacation in China, do not forget to taste the delicious local specialities. Moreover, the hospitality and warmth of the inhabitants will make your tailormade tour unforgettable.

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Why visit China

China is a sovereign state situated in oriental Asia. It is the most populated country in the world, with a population of over 1.35 billions. Most of the Chinese territory enjoys a temperate climate. The south of China is in the tropical and sub-tropical area, while the north is in the glacial area. China has a very complex morphology, because of the strong climate differences. This brings to differences in the natural landscapes and in the customs of the inhabitants of this huge state. 

The history of the dynasties covers almost four millenia, since the first semi-mythological Xia dynasty in the II millenium AC. The era of the fighting kingdoms finished in 221 AC with the unification of the whole of China known till then, and the Qin dynasty foundation. Hereafter Chinese history became the imperial dynasty history, that finished with the end of Qing dynasty in the 20th century, after the long-term effects of the Opium War between China and Britain, that had opened the period of concessions to foreigners. After a century of riots and turbulence, sedated with the help of the European powers and of Japan, the imperial authority weakened more and more and in December 1911 the Republic was proclaimed in Nankin, ending the "Celestial Empire".

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