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Visiting Cambodia, gem of South East Asia, means travelling to unspoilt landscapes, discovering ancient cultural and spiritual traditions and meeting amazing local people, belonging to different ethnic groups, always ready to open their door to visitors.

The cultural heritage of this country is extremely valuable. Discover the magical Angkor temples, a Unesco Heritage Site, evidence of the glorious past of the Khmer kingdom and one of the most important religious and archaeological sites in the world. Stroll along the deserted beaches of the coast contemplating the crystal clear waters of the sea. Let your thoughts drift while admiring the impetuous course of rivers, maybe the powerful Mekong. While walking in wild nature, you will run into remote forests and you'll be amazed at the sight of their verdant vegetation, something that the Western world has almost forgotten. Finally, you will be welcomed by the smiles of its people and it will be clear to you why Cambodia is one of the most popular destinations in South East Asia.

From Cardamom Mountains to the Ang Trapenang reserves, from the Temple of Angkor Wat to the capital city Phnom Penh, from the floating villages of Tonle Sap to the complexes of Koh Ker and Preah Vihear, immersed in the jungle, down to the tropical beaches of the south, Cambodia is a breath-taking land to visit. Let our travel experts guide you, it will be a life-changing holiday and tailormade tour.

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  • Colorful Indochina: Vietnam & Cambodia tour mina-do Travel proposals

    Tour | 12 days | No flight

    Colorful Indochina: Vietnam & Cambodia tour

    An emotion-packed trip discovering the magic, the charm and the colors of Indochina. The tour starts in Vietnam visiting the historic cities, the lively capital Hanoi, the Hue, Hoi An and Saigon, without forgetting the magnificent Halong Bay, Unesco Heritage Site. The trip then continues towards Cambodia, the land of the immense Angkor Wat, where, beside temples, you will explore the incredible Tonle Sap lake, meeting the people who inhabit the area living in floating houses on the water. ...

    Visited places: Hanoi, Halong, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Siem Reap, Tonle Sap

    from 1,235 €

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  • 5 things you didn't know about Cambodia

    In addition to the well known tourist destinations such as the capital Phnom Penh and the archaeological site of Angkor Wat, a destination that is definitely worth a visit is the wonderful Tonle Sap Lake, famous for its floating villages. Its width varies according to the flooding of the Mekong river that feeds it, and it is believed that its waters are among the richest for fishing in the world. The most curious aspect of the floating villages of Tonle Sap is that all services, from schools to police stations, like the houses, are all accommodated in small houses built on stilts over the water. A real attraction for visitors from around the world, that are warmly welcomed by locals, almost all of Vietnamese origin.
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  • Phnom Penh: what to see

    Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, is an excellent starting point for exploring this fascinating country. Modern and at the same time linked to tradition, Phom Penh is made lively by colorful markets and cafès, but everywhere you feel the attachment to the roots of Cambodian culture. Not to be missed during your visit is undoubtedly the National Museum with its Khmer sculptures, temples and pagodas, testimony of the profound religiosity of these peoples, and the splendid golden complex of the Royal Palace. However, the contact with the local population and its traditions will leave the strongest mark. By participating in cooking classes, you will have the opportunity to learn how to cook Cambodian dishes under the supervision of a chef. The lesson usually begins by choosing the products at the local market and ends with the tasting of the dishes prepared. Not to be missed is the show of the Aspara dance, a form of entertainment that was used at the Khmer court: you can watch the ...
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  • Siem Reap: what to see

    The second most important city of Cambodia after Phnom Penh, here is Siem Reap, visited mainly because it is the access point to the wonderful archaeological complex of the temples of Angkor, the eighth wonder of the world. In Angkor, in addition to visiting the archaeological ruins, you can witness Apsara dance performances, the Khmer court dance. Actually, Siem Reap has other attractions to offer the visitor: a lively night market and plenty of live music venues on Pub Street, for example. Also you can take part in a cooking class to learn local cuisine under the supervision of a chef. The lesson begins by choosing together the fresh products at the market and ends with the tasting of cooked products. If you are traveling to Cambodia soon, surely your itinerary will pass through Siem Reap. Here are our tips on what to see.
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  • The most beautiful islands and beaches in Cambodia

    A trip to Cambodia is always a memorable adventure, discovering ancient archaeological sites, first of all world famous Angkor Wat, and meeting local populations. If at the end of your tour you wish to top off your experience with a seaside extension, Cambodia boasts over 60 tropical islands along the southern coats, with nothing to envy to more popular seaside destinations in South East Asia!
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  • Tonle Sap and the floating villages

    Tonle Sap is a great tourist attraction in Cambodia, that should be included in your itinerary to discover this fascinating country, especially since it allows to get a direct contact with local populations. It is a system of lakes and rivers which make up the largest saltwater tank in South East Asia, declared biospehere reserve by UNESCO.
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Why visit Cambodia

Are you looking for a trip in close contact with nature, allowing you to learn more about different cultures as well? Then Cambodia, the gem of South East Asia, is the destination for you. With Phnom Penh as a capital city, it is lapped north and south by the Gulf of Siam and is mostly flat, with some peripheral plateaus. The vast flat expanse occupying most of the country was formed by Mekong river, while picturesque lake Tonle Sap is also interesting, being mainly covered by rice fields and hosting some evocative floating villages.

Cambodia is situated in the monsoonal area, but its climate is affected by the proximity to the Equator, making the rainy season rather longer. The wet season goes from May to October, while the dry one goes from November to February. The main feature of the landscape is the presence of great rice cultivations, besides tobacco and maize fields. The vegetation is lush and varied as in few other places in the world. The northern area hosts evergreen forests, while in the south west there are primary and teak forests. Mangroves are widespread along the coasts. Wildlife will surprise also, including elephants, leopards, tigers and wild oxen. In the waters of the Mekong, near the village of Kampi, it's possible to view the rare Irrawaddy dolphin. But the most unusual animal in Cambodia remains the kouprey, a sort of ox which was discovered in 1937 and later became the symbol of the country. Snakes are also quite common, with four particularly lethal species: the cobra, the king cobra, Russell viper and banded krait.

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