Cambodia - Useful information for your trip

Are you looking for a trip in close contact with nature, allowing you to learn more about different cultures as well? Then Cambodia, the gem of South East Asia, is the destination for you. With Phnom Penh as a capital city, it is lapped north and south by the Gulf of Siam and is mostly flat, with some peripheral plateaus. The vast flat expanse occupying most of the country was formed by Mekong river, while picturesque lake Tonle Sap is also interesting, being mainly covered by rice fields and hosting some evocative floating villages.

Cambodia is situated in the monsoonal area, but its climate is affected by the proximity to the Equator, making the rainy season rather longer. The wet season goes from May to October, while the dry one goes from November to February. The main feature of the landscape is the presence of great rice cultivations, besides tobacco and maize fields. The vegetation is lush and varied as in few other places in the world. The northern area hosts evergreen forests, while in the south west there are primary and teak forests. Mangroves are widespread along the coasts. Wildlife will surprise also, including elephants, leopards, tigers and wild oxen. In the waters of the Mekong, near the village of Kampi, it's possible to view the rare Irrawaddy dolphin. But the most unusual animal in Cambodia remains the kouprey, a sort of ox which was discovered in 1937 and later became the symbol of the country. Snakes are also quite common, with four particularly lethal species: the cobra, the king cobra, Russell viper and banded krait.

The main products of the agricultural sector are rice, rubber, vegetables, corn, cashews, silk and tapioca, while main industries are textile, tourist, steel industries or industries related to the manufacturing of rice or wood. Tourism is one of the main resources of the country, thanks to the rich cultural and natural heritage. 

During your trip, Cambodia will surprise you in many ways. Its main attractions include Angkor site in Siem Reap province, a majestic World Heritage Site and an enormous archaeological area which witnessed the grandeur of the Khmer kingdom. Then explore the capital city Phnom Penh, the coastal areas and the dream beaches of Sihanoukville, Kampot, Kep and Koh kong, or get an isight on the life of local people in Battambang province, travelling as far as Preah Vihear temple, on the border with Thailand, and let yourself be overwhelmed by the deep and palpable mysticism of this place. 

Our local experts will be able to guide you around Cambodia, taking you to the places where local culture is more alive. They will explain to you the ancient history of this land unveiling its secrets, It will be an unforgettable vacation