What to eat in Cambodia

Erika Corso, September 20, 2019

Meat, fish, vegetable and jasmine rice are the main ingredients of the Cambodian cuisine. Discover all the specialties you must absolutely try on your trip!

Cambodian cuisine with fish dishes

Cambodia is a country well known for its beautiful natural landscapes and the incredible historical and cultural archeological traces from the past.
Not everyone knows Cambodian cuisine, a cuisine rich of flavors, spices and special ingredients.

The Cambodian cuisine reflects two important influences, the Thai one and the Vietnamese one. This cuisine was also partly influenced by China and France (which occupied the territory in the past).
Generally speaking, there’s a wide use of jasmine rice, a fragrant kind of long rice, fish, meat and vegetables.

Let’s find out all the main dishes of the Cambodian cuisine!

Amok, traditional dish of Cambodia
Amok is a fish-based dish


Amok is considered the national dish of Cambodia, and you can easily find it everywhere in the country.
Amok is made of a fish filet (usually catfish, but you can also find different kinds of fish), covered by kroeung (a traditional spice mix) cooked in coconut milk. The fish is often covered by a banana leaf. It’s one of the least spicy dishes of Cambodia, so it’s liked by a lot of people.

Some alternatives of Amok can have pork, beef or chicken.

Lok Lak, a traditional dish in Cambodia
Lok Lak

Lok Lak

Another traditional dish from Cambodia is made of beef cut into bite sized pieces, fried in a pan.
It’s served on tomatoes and onions, sometimes with pickles as well, and a pinch of fresh coriander.
The “American” version also adds French fries and a fried egg.

Kaw, typical dish from Cambodia


This dish is cooked with either chicken or pork meat, accompanied with an egg. The meat is paired with a thick sauce with caramelized palm sugar, pepper and fish sauce. This dish isn’t spicy either, unlike many other Cambodian dishes.

Cambodian sandwich bread
Cambodia produces different kinds of bread


It can be unusual to think that bread could be so much popular in an Asian country, but Cambodia defies this stereotype.
This country produces a lot of bread, particularly baguettes, inherited during the French colonization period. It’s really easy to buy a fresh baguette: you can find a lot of local shops at every corner, offering fresh bread and bread with stuffing, too.

Num Banh Chok, cambodian dish soup
Soup Num Banh Chok

Num Banh Chok

This delicious soup is usually eaten during breakfast. It’s usually made of a fish soup, with green curry, lemongrass, turmeric, and kaffir lime. You’ll find rice noodles inside. It’s a very popular dish, and it’s easy to find at street food stalls.

Saich Moan Char Trop, a cambodian dish with chicken
Saich Moan Char Trop, based on chicken

Saich Moan Char Trop

This delicious fried chicken dish is accompanied by braised eggplant, and it’s the ideal dish for those who have a hard time tasting foreign dishes.

Kuy Teav, cambodian soup with pork
Kuy Teav soup

Kuy Teav

This Cambodian soup is another very popular dish. It’s a pork based soup with rice noodles, paired with lettuce, soy, shallot and coriander, and was influenced by Chinese cuisine traditions.

Sankya Lapov, dessert with pumpkin and coconut cream
Sankya Lapov

Sankya Lapov

Cambodia has several tasty desserts, too! This dessert is based on pumpkin and coconut cream, sweet and delicious.