Jahangir Mahal one magnificent heritage built by Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo was built in the loving memory of Emperor Jahangir. Here you will also find chattris that cover the palace and it looks as if it is crowned by the umbrellas. From this palace you can also take a great look at the mind boggling soaring spires and also cenotaphs of the temples.

Raj Mahal is one of the most beautiful attractions here that depicts the lifestyle of the royal kings in the Raj Mahal. It is at the right side of the quadrangle and here you will also find very beautiful and colorful murals on the walls which are religiously designed. Here you can also take a look at a few other royal architectures which will depict the lifestyle of the kings that lived there.

Chaturbhuj temple was first a place and then turned out to be a temple. It is a real unbelievable fact that the statue of Ram was brought here during the construction of the temple and then it was not possible to move it by anybody. This is the only temple where Ram is considered and worshiped as the king. Here you can also witness the greatest and the most splendid architecture.