For ages, Kochi has been the harbor that received mariners from all over the world. Sailors from China, Portugal, Arabia, Britain, Holland had set their feet on Kochi and has contributed one or the other way in shaping what Kochi is today.
Such fruitful invasions for years have made Kochi the prime tourist destination in Kerala.

These fixed, cantilevered fishing nets, at the entrance of the harbour and along the backwaters, were introduced by traders from the court of Kublai Khan. Records show that they were first erected between AD 1350 and 1450. The best place to watch these nets is from Vasco da Gama square, a narrow promenade that lies parallel to the beach.

In the morning time, at 7 a.m. and at sunset people like to stroll around the waterfront. We start at the northern end of Fort Cochin, about 100 m west of the main bus stand and the taxi office. The beginning of the promenade is somewhat hidden, but you cannot overlook the nearby Chinese fishernets along the way.