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With its breathtaking landscapes, its large urban centers and the testimonies of the colonial era, Argentina is a country absolutely worth visiting.

Those who go on a tour of Argentina have the opportunity to explore the icy peaks of Patagonia, the desolate "pampas" where the myth of the gaucho developed, but also the lively and colorful "barrios" of Buenos Aires, getting lost in the local shops, full of craft items, or among the bars and restaurants that offer delicious local cuisine, including steak churrasco, albóndigas and chorizos. The advantage of traveling accompanied by a local expert is undoubtedly that of exploring the places where the locals go: your guide will advise you where to go to taste the best dishes, surrounded by the warmth and vibrancy of the Argentines.

In the evening the big cities come alive with the magnificent local shows in the main squares - do not miss the sensual tango challenges!  But if you are looking for an adventure tour in contact with nature instead, Argentina will not let you down either. From the icy landscapes of Tierra del Fuego with the Ushuaia glacier, to the world-famous Iguazu Falls, Argentina is really a triumph of nature.

Finally, this country will impress even those who are looking for peace and quiet, thanks to its long coastline, where you can relax, and the sea that allows you to practice any kind of water sport.

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Travel ideas in Argentina

  • Argentina group tour with fixed departures mario-mellado Travel proposals

    Tour | group | 10 days | No flight

    Argentina group tour with fixed departures

    A group tour in Argentina with fixed departures that will allow you to explore the great natural heritage of one of the most interesting countries in Latin America. The trip starts with the visit of the capital Buenos Aires, a lively and cosmopolitan city, discovering its neighborhoods. Then you will move towards the majestic Iguazu Falls, on the border with Brazil and Paraguay. You'll then descend towards Patagonia where you'll reach the great mountains and large glaciers, ...

    Visited places: Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, El Calafate

    from 1,201 €

  • Argentina tour discovering wild nature mario-mellado Travel proposals

    Tour | 9 days | No flight

    Argentina tour discovering wild nature

    This entirely customizable private tour in Argentina will make you plunge deep into wild nature in one of the most fascinating countries of Latin America. The trip starts in the capital city Buenos Aires, where a local guide will make you discover all the most hidden secrets. You will continue on to Puerto Madryn to visit charming Valdes Peninsula, one of the few places in the world where you can sight the southern right whale, together with many other marine species, as well as the world ...

    Visited places: Buenos Aires, Puerto Madryn, Ushuaia

    from 1,066 €

  • A charming tour of the Argentinian lakes mario-mellado Travel proposals

    Tour | 10 days | No flight

    A charming tour of the Argentinian lakes

    Take a charming tour through Argentinian's most beautiful lakes in this 10 days private itinerary! You'll have the unique chance of discovering the greatest landscapes of Argentina from a very original point of view: its lakes.
    This private tour features famous destinations such as: Buenos Aires : the capital of Argentina, it's rich in historical and cultural landmarks, like the National Congress or the Metropolitan Cathedral. Bariloche : you'll participate in the ...

    Visited places: Buenos Aires, Bariloche, El Calafate

    from 657 €

  • Argentina and Chile tour along the wine route mario-mellado Travel proposals

    Tour | 10 days | No flight

    Argentina and Chile tour along the wine route

    An exciting trip to South America, discovering the aromas and gastronomic traditions of Argentina and Chile. You will start with a visit to Buenos Aires, a cosmopolitan and multicultural city, where, in addition to seeing the main monuments of the capital, you will visit the most colorful and characteristic neighbourhoods. You'll continue towards Mendoza, an Argentine city renowned for its vineyards, with the possibility of tasting different types of wines. Finally, you'll enter ...

    Visited places: Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Santiago

    from 1,107 €

  • Wine tour on the Andes Cordillera mario-mellado Travel proposals

    Tour | 10 days | No flight

    Wine tour on the Andes Cordillera

    This amazing private tour in Argentina will let you enjoy the finest wines and admire the most beautiful landscapes of this country. If you're a foodie and wine lover, this is the perfect itinerary: in this 10 day tour you'll visit different destinations: Buenos Aires : the capital of Argentina, it's rich in historical buildings and museums, such as the National Congress and the Plaza de Mayo Salta : this area is famous for its wineries and beautiful landscapes. Its wind ...

    Visited places: Buenos Aires, Salta, Cafayate, Mendoza

    from 826 €

  • Argentina Tour - Experience at the end of the world mario-mellado Travel proposals

    Tour | 9 days | No flight

    Argentina Tour - Experience at the end of the world

    This tailormade tour in Argentina is for those who want to lose themselves in endless landscapes, discovering lakes, glaciers and admiring some of the highest peaks on Earth: a real experience at the end of the world! The trip begins in the lively Buenos Aires, where an expert local guide will escort you through the main historic monuments and will make you explore the colorful neighbourhoods. You will continue on to El Calafate : here the real adventure starts, exploring majestic Perito ...

    Visited places: Buenos Aires, El Calafate, Puerto Madryn, Ushuaia

    from 764 €

  • Argentina tour discovering its traditions mario-mellado Travel proposals

    Tour | 9 days | No flight

    Argentina tour discovering its traditions

    This tailormade tour will make you discover the history and traditions of Argentina, starting from the heterogeneous and cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, crossroads of several cultures - as one finds walking through its colorful neighborhoods - and continuing south, reaching Quebrada de Huamahuaca and the Hill of Seven Colors. You will then travel on to Cordoba to visit some Jesuit estancias and some settlements established by immigrants from North Italy, where excellent cold cuts and wine are ...

    Visited places: Buenos Aires, Salta, Cordoba

    from 846 €

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  • The Argentinian tango

    Tango is a musical genre and dance from Rio de la Plata region. It originated in Argentina and Uruguay and includes music, dance and lyrics. The Argentine musician Enrique Santos Discepolo defined tango as "a sad thought that is danced." When travelers visit Argentina one of the main attractions that they normally want to see are the tango shows. Famous for its elegant and sensual movements, tango is a genre that is based on improvisation, where the basic step is the normal pace of the walk and the basic dance position is an asymmetric embrace between man and woman. Improvisation in tango is based on a simple rule: the man leads and the woman follows him. According to the music rhythm used, there are three varieties of tango: the real tango, with a time of four or two quarters, the Milonga, with a time of two quarters and the Tango Vals, with a three-quarter time.
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  • Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

    When you think of a trip to Argentina, in addition to the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires and the majestic Iguazu waterfalls, you almost certainly want to see Patagonia. South of Latin America, mythologized by the novel In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin, where it became the symbol of the return to nature and origins, this region is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating places on Earth. Glaciers, prairies, canals, lakes, mountains and a very rich fauna: those who choose to explore Patagonia, between Argentina and Chile, have chosen the journey of their life. If you are one of them, here is a mini guide to the Argentine Patagonia and its must-see attractions.
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  • What to see in Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina and one of the most important cities in South America, an unmissable destination during a trip across this fascinating country. Cosmopolitan, eclectic, typically Euorpean in its atmospheres, Buenos Aires or "Baires" as the locals call it, was established in 1580 by Juan de Garay and, initially capital of Rio de la Plata Viceroyalty by order of the King of Spain, it was later occupied by the British settlers for a short time. The main square, Plaza de Mayo, commemorates the May Revolution, which took place in 1810 and gave rise to independence wars. Nowadays the capital is among the liveliest cities in America. If you are planning a trip, here is what you should absolutely see. 
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  • Iguazu Falls

    If you are planning a trip to Argentina, almost certainly your itinerary will include majestic Iguazu Falls, one of the most spectacular natural sights in the world. These world-famous waterfalls, formed by Iguazu River, are located on the border between the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Paranà. Actually they are a complex of 275 waterfalls up to 70 meters high. The largest fall is Garganta del Diablo on the Argentinian side. The Iguazu Falls are part of Iguazu National Park in Argentina and Iguaçu National Park in Brazil, both Unesco heritage. The waterfalls are included among the seven wonders of the world. The name Iguazu, shared by the river and the waterfalls, means "big waters" in the Guaranì language; this marvelous natural show intrigued indigenous populations who explained its origins with a legend. Are you ready for your adventure? Here is all you need to know about Iguazu Falls.
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  • The Argentinian cuisine

    What do they eat in Argentina ? The answer is: mainly meat ! If it is true that a country's culture is best understood through its cuisine, you'll find out that, due to past migrations, Argentine cuisine is somewhat similar to Spanish and Italian cuisine, almost Mediterranean but with red meat in addition. Horse meat is not common, since the horse is considered as a pet, so beef is generally preferred. Of course, given the extension of the territory, Argentine cuisine varies from region to region. Did we intrigue you? Let's discover together the most delicious dishes of this fascinating country in Latin America !
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Why visit Argentina

Argentina is a land of breathtaking scenery and rich in contrasts. Visitors are attracted both by its natural gems, including Patagonia, the Iguazu Falls and El Palmar National Park, and by the charm of its cities, like the capital Buenos Aires, a major center of culture. An elegant city, refined and with a European atmosphere, Buenos Aires is a metropolis where people from different backgrounds and cultures mingle, but also where you can still breathe the traditions of the country, first of all those of music and the tango.

Argentina boasts twenty-two national parks, established in order to protect an environment that is home to unique species in the world, like the cayman, the puma and the mara but also thorny undergrowth, rain forests and flowering cacti. From an architectural point of view, however, this country has many beautiful monuments from the colonial period that developed around the seventeenth century. It's a mountainous country in the west, where there are the highest peaks of the continent, such as the Aconcagua, and flat in the east, where the plains of the pampas (where the myth of the gaucho developed) represent a source of primary economic importance for agriculture. It is also characterized by numerous rivers and very wide coastal areas.

Because of the extent of its lands, the climate in Argentina is very heterogeneous. In the north summers are typically hot, humid and dry, with mild winters, while the southern regions have subpolar extremes, characterized by cool summers and cold winters with heavy snowfall.

Because of the sixteenth century colonization process, and following the strong wave of immigration from the seventies of the nineteenth century to the dawn of World War I, the Argentine population is characterized mostly by Europeans, especially Spaniards, who influenced the language of the natives, and Italians. These migratons also influenced cuisine, which is similar to Mediterranean cusine but with a strong addition of meat.

The country's economy is mainly based on the primary sector, thanks to an abundance of natural resources, such as oil and gas and a well-developed agricultural system. In addition, the tourism industry is an important resource for the country's economy.

Following the advice of our local experts, you can create your own tailor-made tour across this almost legendary land quickly and easily. They will suggest what to see and where to go to breathe the local atmosphere: your trip to Argentina is sure to be unforgettable.

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