Iguazu Falls: a journey of discovery

September 18, 2019

Iguazu Falls are easily one of the most fascinating natural attractions in the world: if you're planning a trip to Argentina you can't really miss them!

Iguazu Falls in Argentina

If you are planning a trip to Argentina, almost certainly your itinerary will include majestic Iguazu Falls, one of the most spectacular natural sights in the world. These world-famous waterfalls, formed by Iguazu River, are located on the border between the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Paranà.

Actually they are a complex of 275 waterfalls up to 70 meters high. The largest fall is Garganta del Diablo on the Argentinian side. The Iguazu Falls are part of Iguazu National Park in Argentina and Iguaçu National Park in Brazil, both Unesco heritage. The waterfalls are included among the seven wonders of the world.

The name Iguazu, shared by the river and the waterfalls, means "big waters" in the Guaranì language; this marvelous natural show intrigued indigenous populations who explained its origins with a legend.

Are you ready for your adventure? Here is all you need to know about Iguazu Falls.

The legend of Iguazu Falls

According to local indigenous legends, Iguazu Falls were formed because of unrequited love. God M'Boy had fallen in love with beautiful Neipi who was in love with a warrior named Taroba. In order to escape the god, the lovers sailed away on a canoe along the river. The angry god thus created the waterfalls which swept away the canoe and the lovers.

Naipi turned into a rock and Taroba into a tree: the legend has it that this way they continued to look at each other forever.

The spectacular view of Iguazu Falls.

How to reach Iguazu Falls (from the Argentinian side)

In order to reach Iguazu Falls you first need to land at Buenos Aires Airport and then take a domestic flight to Cataratas de Iguazù. Once at the falls, you can also visit the Brazilian side if you bring your passport. If you decide to spend the night in the area, the gateway to Iguazu Falls on the Argentinian side is the town of Puerto Iguazù.

There are also buses running from Buenos Aires to Iguazu but the ride is much longer than a flight.

Iguazu Falls.

When to go

When should one visit Iguazu? Since the waterfalls are located in sub-tropical climate, they can be visited all year round. However, the months when they are mostly crowded by tourist are January, February, March, April and June. From December to March temperatures are higher and rainfalls are more frequent with high levels of humidity. The best period is perhaps form July to September, even if it's winter in Argentina, so temperatures are slightly lower and the skies can be grey.

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