Argentina - Useful information for your trip

Argentina is a land of breathtaking scenery and rich in contrasts. Visitors are attracted both by its natural gems, including Patagonia, the Iguazu Falls and El Palmar National Park, and by the charm of its cities, like the capital Buenos Aires, a major center of culture. An elegant city, refined and with a European atmosphere, Buenos Aires is a metropolis where people from different backgrounds and cultures mingle, but also where you can still breathe the traditions of the country, first of all those of music and the tango.

Argentina boasts twenty-two national parks, established in order to protect an environment that is home to unique species in the world, like the cayman, the puma and the mara but also thorny undergrowth, rain forests and flowering cacti. From an architectural point of view, however, this country has many beautiful monuments from the colonial period that developed around the seventeenth century. It's a mountainous country in the west, where there are the highest peaks of the continent, such as the Aconcagua, and flat in the east, where the plains of the pampas (where the myth of the gaucho developed) represent a source of primary economic importance for agriculture. It is also characterized by numerous rivers and very wide coastal areas.

Because of the extent of its lands, the climate in Argentina is very heterogeneous. In the north summers are typically hot, humid and dry, with mild winters, while the southern regions have subpolar extremes, characterized by cool summers and cold winters with heavy snowfall.

Because of the sixteenth century colonization process, and following the strong wave of immigration from the seventies of the nineteenth century to the dawn of World War I, the Argentine population is characterized mostly by Europeans, especially Spaniards, who influenced the language of the natives, and Italians. These migratons also influenced cuisine, which is similar to Mediterranean cusine but with a strong addition of meat.

The country's economy is mainly based on the primary sector, thanks to an abundance of natural resources, such as oil and gas and a well-developed agricultural system. In addition, the tourism industry is an important resource for the country's economy.

Following the advice of our local experts, you can create your own tailor-made tour across this almost legendary land quickly and easily. They will suggest what to see and where to go to breathe the local atmosphere: your trip to Argentina is sure to be unforgettable.