Haridwar is a city in Haridwar district of Uttarakhand state in India.

Haridwar is the place where people from across the India visit it for pilgrimage and to take a holy dip into the holy river Ganges. Tourists would like to go to Haridwar because in this city they can approach themselves to the India's complex culture and to several Hindu rituals. This holy city is considered one of the most fascinating of the India thanks to lush green forests and to crystal clear water of the river Ganges, moreover the mountains on the background. Haridwar means gurgling of river Ganges, innumerable temples, groups of monks in saffron clothes, enchanting sounds of vedic hymns & the divine holiness. It is one of the oldest cities of India.

There are four holy temples (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath & Badrinath) placed on the hills which precede the city of Haridwar, while the main attractions of the city are: the Hari ki Pauri one of the most sacred bathing ghat in India, Mansa Devi Temple, Maya Devi Temple, Jain temple and many other temples. Haridwar is full of temples which are worth a visit, but there are also industries, universities and wild places and parks that allow to do some beautiful excursions.