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Tour of Guatemala and Yucatan in Mexico

Tour - Art, history and cultural trips and custom tours - Guatemala, Guatemala City

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This tour is a travel proposal in two of the most charming countries of Central America, Guatemala and Mexico. Starting from Guatemala City, you'll set off on an adventure through the history, art and culture of this part of the world, reaching Yucatan in Mexico, getting an insight on the lifestyle of local populations, exploring colonial cities and Mayan pyramids, so full of mysteries. It will be a holiday that you'll find hard to forget!

Here are the highlights of the trip and vacation:

  • Tour of the village of Chichicastenango in Guatemala and its popular picturesque market
  • Exploration of Lake Atitlan, the most important lake in Guatemala, offering breath-taking views
  • Tour of Tikal archaeological site, near Flores in Guatemala
  • Tour of Palenque Mayan site and sightseeing in the colonial cities of Campeche and Merida in Mexico
  • Tour of Chichen Itza, the main Mayan site in Yucatan and the whole Mexico
  • End of the holiday in beautiful Cancun, a seaside destination which is unique in the world, overlooking the Caribbean Sea

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  1. Guatemala City - Atitlan

    Guatemala City - Atitlan

    Travel to Chichicastenango, one of the most famous and picturesque destinations of the country: visit the popular market which, despite the unavoidable tourist contaminations, remains a quaint sight, just as the Catholic-pagan ceremonies in Santo Tomas church. Lunch.

    It's on to Lake Atitlan, around 1500 m high and surrounded by three volcanoes; along its shores many villages belonging to different Indian ethnic groups are located. Overnight in a hotel.

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    Day 2

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  2. Atitlan - Guatemala City

    Atitlan - Guatemala City

    In the morning boat cruise in the waters of the lake, around 1500 m high and surrounded by three volcanoes, then visit the native community of San Antonio Palopo. Travel to Antigua, the former capital city of Guatemala, a cosy town with a marvellous colonial atmosphere, dominated by massive Agua volcano. Lunch.

    In the afternoon sightseeing in the city: Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral dating back to the 16th century, the museum of San Carlos University, the Capuchin convent, Merced and Santa Clara church. Arrive in Guatemala City and overnight in a hotel.

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    Day 3

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  3. Guatemala City - Flores

    Guatemala City - Flores

    Breakfast. Flight to Flores, upon arrival transfer to Tikal archaeological park, the largest Mayan site in the country, one of the highest architectural and urban creations that the genius of this civilization could build during its existence. The city was probably established around 800 b.C., but only in the "classical" period, during the first five hundred years of our era, were marvellous buildings raised in the verdant jungle, including tall pyramids, temples, acropolises, palaces etc.

    Picnic lunch. In the afternoon return to Flores and check in to the hotel. Overnight in the hotel.

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    Day 4

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  4. Flores - Palenque

    Flores - Palenque

    Breakfast. Travel by bus across the Mexican border through Peten forests. Upon arrival board on motor-launches and sail along Usumacinta river till reaching Corozal village for customs procedures.

    Then it's on the ancient Mayan city of Yaxchilan, entirely covered by the jungle, whose silence is only broken by the howling of monkeys and countless tropical birds. Picnic lunch. In the afternoon travel by bus to Palenque and check in to the hotel.

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    Day 5

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  5. Palenque - Campeche

    Palenque - Campeche

    Breakfast. Morning dedicated to visiting the ruins, surrounded by thick jungle: monuments include the Temple of the Inscriptions, built on a series of pyramids and tomb of famous king Pakal, the great palace with the tower, probably an observatory, and the Temple of the Cross. Lunch.

    In the afternoon travel to Campeche, with a short stop at the old town with a typical colonial atmosphere. Check in to the hotel.

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    Day 6

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  6. Campeche – Uxmal - Merida

    Campeche – Uxmal - Merida

    The first stop is due at Uxmal archaeological area, one of the most important testimonies of the Mayan civilization. Lunch in a local restaurant. In the afternoon arrive in Merida, the capital of the state of Yucatan, the "white city", so called because of its colonial buildings.

    Stop over at the "zocalo" to see the Cathedral, the Government building, the City Hall and Montejo's House. Overnight in a hotel.

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    Day 7

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  7. Merida – Izamal - Chichen Itza -Cancun

    Merida – Izamal - Chichen Itza -Cancun

    Breakfast. In the morning set off to Izamal; here the Spaniards built grand S. Antonio convent on the ruins of a Mayan temple. Then it's on to Chichen Itza, the largest Mayan city in Yucatan, declared Unesco world cultural heritage. Lunch.

    In the afternoon visit the site, established around 400 BC and occupied by the Toltecs around the year 1000, later abandoned around 1250: plenty of buildings still show Chichen's splendour, including the great pyramid known as "El Castillo", the Temple of the Jaguras, the Observatory etc. In the late afternoon proceed to Cancun, on the Caribbean Sea. Arrive and check in to the hotel.

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    Day 8

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  8. End of tour

    End of tour

    Breakfast, transfer to the airport and departure.

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    Day 9