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Brazil is an evocative and idyllic place. It is a country in which the sun shines during the whole year, studded by verdant coconut palms, hidden and wild coves, large uplands with high waterfalls, it also hosts the wide and lush Amazon Basin, characterized by rare and particular animal species, the biggest byological heritage of the Earth.

Moreover, thanks to the coexistence of different ethnic groups, the local population has been able to create a unique tradition.

Dances and music genres from this country, such as the Capoeira, the Samba and the Bossa Nova, but also its events like the Carnival of Rio have made the Brazilian culture famous all over the world as well as the incredible kindness, creativity and energy of its population.  Even Brazilian cuisine, which is very different according to the regions, bears traces of different social events, including colonization and immigration.

At the end of the day, enjoy the beautiful sunsets over the sea, from the noisy Copacabana beach of Rio de Janeiro or from one of the small beaches along the Brazilian coast sipping a Caipirinha.

Water is one of the elements that link all the country creating rivers, caves, waterfalls (such as the Iguassu falls) and lakes like the ones you’ll be able to see in the Chapada Diamantina National Park. One of the other key assets of Brazilian nature is the Amazon rainforest, to be accessed from the city of Manaus, the "Paris of the Tropics". Its great atmosphere of adventure will make discovering the local tribes and habits even more magical. Finally, don't miss the chance to see Salvador de Bahia, famous for its beaches and the African culture, and São Paulo, the cultural capital of the country.

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  • Bahian island escape: nature and culture mario-mellado Travel proposals

    Tour | 4 days | No flight

    Bahian island escape: nature and culture

    You will fall in love with Brazil during this short but intense trip of 4 days: you'll immerse yourself into the brazilian natural landscape and relax on the most beautiful beaches. You will boost your energy with amazing hikes in the nature, as well as rejuvenate your body with clay baths that will leave your skin smooth and glowing. You'll have the unique chance to taste the local cuisine and visit the monuments that made Brazil's history. Take this chance to visit these ...

    Visited places: Morro de Sao Paulo, Salvador

    from 673 €

  • Brazil tour: natural wonders and historical landmarks mario-mellado Travel proposals

    Tour | group | 12 days | No flight

    Brazil tour: natural wonders and historical landmarks

    Brazil is a huge, fascinating country rich in natural landscapes and historical landmarks. 
    Discover the most beautiful cities of Brazil, immerse yourself into the carioca spirit and travel through the Amazonan forest to breathe in the real spirit of this country. This private tour is 12 days long, and will bring you to different but equally important cities: Rio de Janeiro: home of one of the seven wonders of the world, the Carioca City will astonish you with its colorful and ...

    Visited places: Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, Manaus, Salvador

    from 1,827 €

  • Tour of the natural parks and beaches of Paraiba in Brazil marco-anghinoni Travel proposals

    Tour | group | 14 days | No flight

    Tour of the natural parks and beaches of Paraiba in Brazil

    An unforgettable journey through deserted and unspoilt beaches, trails immersed in wildlife and secular culture in Paraiba, Brazil. This tour gives you the chance to discover the charm of the Paraiba coast, its geological monuments, the history of its hinterland, allowing you to capture the magic of Brazil's most authentic essence, out of the stereotypes of conventional tourism. Paraiba is a journey into culture, nature and time.

    Visited places: Natal, Baia da Traicao, Pau Ferro, Alagoa Grande


  • Brazil tour discovering the dream beaches of Paraiba marco-anghinoni Travel proposals

    Tour | group | 7 days | No flight

    Brazil tour discovering the dream beaches of Paraiba

    Are you ready for this wonderful trip discovering the beaches of Brazil ? We're taking you on a tour of Paraiba, located in the northeast of the country and overlooking the Atlantic. It will be an adventure between wild nature and dreamy sea, the ideal escape from everyday routine sorrounded by the peace of an uncontaminated environment. Experience close contact with local life, visiting the indigenous villages, and enjoy boat rides like a local. What are you waiting for? It will be a ...

    Visited places: Baia da Traicao


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  • Brazil's popular dance and music

    It’s a spectacular and fascinating dance and combat style, whose origins date back to the times of slavery. Since 1620, the capoeira has been outlawed many times, both for security reasons and to make difficult for the slaves to stay together. The main element in all the styles of capoeira is the berimbau, an African instrument with an unmistakable sound that creates the perfect rhythm for the “roda”, the circle of people that creates a “cage” for the two fighters. There are many kinds of movements, and in the most aggressive style, punches and kicks, each with its different name and style based on the region in which you are. This happens because the tradition has spread for long times in the shadow, and so it had to develop itself locally with different attitudes and names from place to place. Ginga It s the basic step that allows you to stay constantly on the move both advancing and receding while moving laterally. Aù It’s a lateral wheel similar to the movement used in the ...
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  • Rio de Janeiro Carnival

    Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the most important, most colorful and most awaited event in all of Brazil. It is celebrated every year for four days in February, with a peak of the festivities on Shrove Thursday and Tuesday. Although the Carnival is celebrated with various differences in all regions of the country, Rio's is the most famous and the most beautiful. Are you planning a trip to Brazil in February? Make sure you do not miss it!
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  • 10 things to do in Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro, city of soccer, carnival and samba. The most famous city in Brazil is certainly this, but also much more. For example, there is a fervent cultural activity, visible in its street art and modern art museums. If you are leaving for a trip to Brazil, Rio is a must-see stop. First of all its name in Portuguese means "river of January" and the city is the capital of the homonymous state, the second city of Brazil after São Paulo. It is no longer the capital of Brazil since 1960, but it's still very popular with tourists, who visit it especially for the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, but also for the climb to Mount Corcovado to admire the liberty statue of Christ the Redeemer. Obviously, even Rio Carnival, which takes place in February, attracts millions of visitors from around the world every year. Coming to sport, Rio de Janeiro is famous for hosting major world events, in particular the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. A curiosity that perhaps not everyone ...
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  • Iguassu Falls: the Brazilian side

    Iguassu Falls are located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, respectively called Cataratas do Iguaçu in Portuguese (Brazilian side) and Cataratas del Iguazú in Spanish (Argentinian side). Generated by Iguazú, they river are located precisely on the border between the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian State of Paraná, 80% within the Argentine state and for the remaining 20% ​​in the Brazilian state. The Iguassu Falls are one of the main naturalistic attractions during a trip to Brazil, or a combined trip between Brazil and Argentina. The complex consists of 275 waterfalls, up to 70 meters high, within the Iguazu National Park (Argentina) and the Iguaçu National Park (Brazil), both UNESCO heritage sites. The Iguassu or Iguazu falls are among the seven wonders of the world. The gateway to reach them from the Brazilian side is the town of Foz do Iguaçu in the state of Paraná.
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  • What to see in Brazil

    Brazil is a huge country in Latin America : thinking of exploring it all in one trip is practically impossible! It is true that once you visit it, you want to return immediately once you're home. The confederate state extends from the Amazon basin to the north to the Iguassu Falls to the south. Brazil is a country with a lively culture and rich artistic and cultural traditions (just think of samba and bossanova ) as a result of a mix of populations of European, indigenous and African descent. Its cities are eclectic and colorful, among all Rio de Janeiro, home to the most famous carnival in the world. However, Brazil also boasts natural parks, beaches, archipelagos and beautiful and unspoiled forests, including the Amazon rainforest crossed by the Amazon River, where you can find contact with the wildest nature. Are you ready to leave with us? Brazil is suitable for every kind of holiday and all tastes: here is what to see.
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  • What to see in Manaus

    Manaus is a city in Brazil, capital of the Amazonas state and a starting point for tours in the Amazon rainforest. Renowned among lovers of trekking and ecological tourism, it is actually a city rich in history and interesting architectural heritage. It played an important role during the rubber boom, when the rich Europeans planned to transform it into a city similar to the European ones: not surprisingly, it was nicknamed "Paris of the tropics". With the decline of rubber, even Manaus lost importance, at least until the fifties of the twentieth century, when it returned to flourish thanks to tourism and electronics. The climate of Manaus is monssonal, without dry seasons and with heavy rain all year round and above all from December to June. Its average temperatures are around 26 degrees. Are you thinking of a trip to Brazil including Manaus? Let's find out something more together!
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  • What to see in Salvador de Bahia

    Thinking of cities like Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, for locals simply Salvador, one imagines dances, colors, beautiful beaches. The capital of the state of Bahia is actually all this, added to a great cultural heritage. Overlooking the rocky and sandy things of the Atlantic Ocean, Salvador is also an access point to the splendid Chapada Diamantina National Park and is the Brazilian city that has welcomed more African slaves: a detail to keep in mind, because African culture is still very present in the lives of the inhabitants. First of all, we need to know that Salvador has incorporated several quilombos, communities founded by black slaves who escaped from the plantations during the colonial era. These fugitives took refuge in the forest, where they lived hidden. Salvador has included two ancient quilombos: Calabar and Liberdade. In addition to the multicultural ferment, Salvador is appreciated for the beaches, including Porto da Barra, Itapua, Pituba and Artisti, dotted with ...
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  • São Paulo: What to see

    São Paulo is considered the cultural capital of Brazil, in addition to being the capital of the homonymous state. At the center of a metropolitan macro-region, it is one of the most populous cities in the world. It is located on the plateau within the Serra do Mar chain, in turn part of Planalto Brasilero (Brazilian plateau). The city, in line with the Tropic of Capricorn, is mostly hilly, more mountainous towards the north. The climate of São Paulo is between the subtropical and the temperate, with a very mild temperatures throughout the year, this means that every month is good to visit it!
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  • The 10 most beautiful beaches in Brazil

    One of the reasons why you choose to visit Brazil are undoubtedly its beaches, among the most beautiful in the world. And not only from a landscape point of view, but also because of the beach bars, parties, live music. The beaches of the cities of Brazil are guaranteed fun. But if you are more interested in nature and silence, there are stretches of coast and less frequented archipelagos that are authentic uncontaminated paradises.
    Making a selection of the most beautiful beaches is very difficult, because they are all fabulous. We tried to list ten, urban and full of services but also isolated and wild.
    You just have to choose your favourite one and leave!
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  • Brazilian cuisine

    Tasting Brazilian cuisine is the best way to learn about the culture of this vast country! Because of its enormous size, Brazilian gastronomy is very different from region to region, depending on the most easily available products and the different colonial and social influences in general. In general, however, you cannot visit Brazil without tasting its most famous dish, the " fejioada ", made with black beans, pork or beef. In the northeastern area the "caranguejo" (crab), or siri and shrimps cooked in various combinations are also widespread. In the south of Brazil, you eat in the " churrascarias ", typical restaurants where you are initially served a buffet of appetizers, followed by dishes served non-stop at the table until you indicate that you are satisfied. The dishes served are based on grilled meat, the so-called " churrasco ". In the state of Bahia, and in general throughout the north-east, Brazilians eat the Acarajé, a bean paste with onion and salt fried in the ...
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Why visit Brazil

Brazil is located in South America, it is the 5th largest country in the world. This is why it shows many diverse features in terms of morphology and climate. Its territory includes Guyana, formed by several plateus with some of the highest waterfalls in the world, such as Kaieteur Falls and Cuquenan FallsBrazil plateau, which occupies the southern part of the country and includes the main plateau and Mato Grosso; and the Amazon Basin, a big alluvial plain with lush vegetation, where the Amazon River flows.

The country is mainly characterized by tropical climate, which differs from region to region because of the big extension. In the North the temperatures are generally high during the whole year but also precipitation is abundant. In the southern coast winters are mild and the rainfalls are scarce. Extreme conditions can affect the plateaus. Here the weather has almost subtropical features, and in the Amazon rainforest there is a humid equatorial climate.

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