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The Middle East evokes scenes of Arabian nights, deserts and starry skies, mosques and grand white-domed palaces. A trip to the Middle East is an experience discovering mysterious and fascinating people, on the footsteps of a rich past, among desert dunes and marvelous beaches of the Mediterranean or Red Sea.

In Egypt the pyramids and the peaceful flow of the Nile await. In Turkey you will be enraptured by the magic of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and the moon landscapes of Cappadocia. in Israel you will be amazed by the mystic feeling of Jerusalem, the Weeping Wall and the often difficult encounter between different religions and cultures. It will be a trip that leaves an indelible mark and hard to forget.

In Jordan you will be greeted by the ruins of Petra, while in Iran you will find fairytale palaces that will leave you breathless. And then there is Lebanon, the land of the cedars and the Phoenicians. where ancient Roman ruins can still be admired. Finally, marvel at the tall skyscrapers and luxury of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, of Doha, in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. Here you can spend time in total relaxation among beaches, sea and 5 star hotels and maybe take a camel ride in the desert.

The Middle East is perfect for a cultural vacation, retracing the footsteps of the ancient Egyptians, rediscovering the grandeur of the Persians or following an itinerary covering the places mentioned in the Bible. But the Near East is also ideal for a holiday on dream beaches, enjoying compete relax and practising snorkeling among colorful fish.

Do not miss the chance to discover the Middle East with the tips of our local travel experts, creating your dream tailormade tour from scratch, in accordance with your needs. It will be a trip to remember!

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