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Egypt, a land so full of charm and mystery. Lose yourself among pyramids and desert, re-discover the history of the Ancient Egyptians, let yourself be enraptured by the Sphynx.

A holiday or tailormade tour in this country is an unforgettable experience. You shouldn't miss a visit the capital city, Cairo, with its museums and great mosques, while for those who prefer to relax in the sun, there are plenty of famous sea resorts, such as Sharm El Sheik, a diving paradise. 

Let our travel experts guide you and leave the vacation of your dreams, you won't be disappointed. 

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Why visit Egypt

Egypt is a country mainly located in the African continent, but it also owns a land strip, the Sinai Peninsula, in the southwest corner of Asia. The country is lapped by the Mediterranean Sea on the North and by the Red Sea on the South-East.

Egypt can be defined as a verdant and lush oasis, thanks to the Nile Valley, surrounded by arid deserts, among which are the Arabian Desert and the Libyan Desert. Nile is one of the longest rivers in the whole world; it was of huge importance for the development of this community. The entire country shows an arid climate, except for the coastal area facing the Mediterranean Sea, where the weather is more temperate.

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