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Oman is an Asian country lapped by the Arabian Sea and the waters of the Oman Gulf.

Its territory is quite arid and mainly characterized by deserts and mountains, both poor in vegetation. The most popular plants are water-retaining plants, which don't need much water to survive. Boswellia is an important tree for local culture, it is the incense plant used during the religious celebrations. On the contrary, fauna is more heterogeneous. In Oman there are several protected species safeguarded in natural reserves.

In this country it is also possible to relax lying down on amazing beaches lapped by a calm, crystal-clear sea or practice every kind of water sports. Some of the most picturesque beaches are As Sawadi, AlQurm and Ad Duqm. For those who love art and history, Oman provides several cultural attractions, such as Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Nizwa and Jabrin Fortress.

Our travel experts will give you the best tips to organize your tailormade trip to Oman and live a unique and unforgettable holiday in this gem of the Middle East.

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Why visit Oman

Oman is a sultanate located in the Asian continent, it faces the Arabian Sea to the south-east and the Oman Gulf to the north-east.

Its territory is mainly characterized by deserts and mountains, that create natural barriers to its borders, but also plains and wide sweeps of dunes which form amazing landscapes, even if they do not host many vegetable species because of the drought, the strong irradiation and the unexpected variation of the temperature range. Therefore, the vegetation is divided into two main categories: the “rain plants” and the “water-retaining plants”. Among those, the Boswellia plant, or in other words the incense plant, is very important for the local culture. Indeed, it is used during religious celebrations and to produce an essential oil, which has tonic and energetic effects and prevents infections to the respiratory system.

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