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A journey to Israel is an unforgettable experience. The fascination of this country with its troubled history is given by the encounter of three religions, Islam, Christianism and Hebraism, and their respective cultures. Its environment is mainly characterized by deserts, attracting visitors who are interested in wide spaces and untame nature, while its majestic cities such as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv offer all modern comforts, together with the awesomeness, the colors and the typical aromas of the Middle East.

On the coasts summers are long, hot and dry, perfect for those who want to lie on the sand and watch the Medditeranean Sea disappear into the horizon. Among the others, the beauty of the beach in Tel Aviv is absolutely stunning.

A tailormade holiday, tour and trip in Israel cannot be complete without a taste of the culture of this magical country, of klezmer music, mixing melodic and rhythmic structures coming from the Balkans, Poland and Russia; a music which accompanies all the main events of life, from weddings to funerals.

Isreal is home to many artistic attractions: the excavations in Masada, Megiddo, Hazor and Be'er Sheva are Unesco World heritage sites, while museums are famous too, such as Israel Museum in Jerusalem, showcasing the scrolls of the Dead Sea. It's practically impossible then not to marvel at the mosques, such as Al - Aqsa, with its mosaics and colorful domes.

If you want to discover this enchanting country, let yourself be guided by our travel experts; they'll leave you with your mouth open and you will live a really memorable tailormade vacation


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    Wonderful cultural tour of Jordan and the Holy Land

    An incredible tour in the beautiful Jordan meets culture and spirituality with a trip in the Holy Land. This amazing 13 days tour will bring you to unforgettable natural landscapes, as well as fascinating and historically important buildings. You will experience the traditions and history of two charming countries and explore them to discover their beauties. A few of the places you'll visit in Jordan are Jerash, Aljoun, the incredible salty waters of the Dead Sea, the mysterious Petra ...

    Visited places: Amman, Aljoun, Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Tel Aviv, Petra, Wadi Rum

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Why visit Israel

Israel is a country located in Asia and facing the Mediterranean Sea.

Its territory is mainly arid and desertic and its ground is poor and without mineral and energetical resources. HaShefela is the most fertile plain within the national borders and is also rich in water. This is why it hosts most of the country's population. The central part features hills and uplands, while the western sides run down to the Mediterranean Sea.

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