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Kuwait in Asia is one of the fastest developing countries of the Middle East. When planning your tailormade holiday in Kuwait you certainly cannot miss a tour of the super-modern Kuwait City, the state's capital. Besides the tallest skyscrapers you can ever imagine, here you'll also find some impressive ancient mosques.

Another unmissable experience on every Kuwait holiday and vacation is a desert safari, maybe riding a camel or driving amidst the dunes on a comfortable safari jeep. Whatever your plans might be, follow the tips of our local travel experts: you won't be disapponted!

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    Short Kuwait tour and holiday

    Discover Kuwait, a small but intriguing country in the Middle East of Asia, one of the fastest growing countries in the world thanks to petrolium exploitation. Apart from the tall skyscrapers of Kuwait City, you'll have the unique chance to visit the most incredible mosques you can ever imagine, escorted on your tour and holiday by local travel experts. Your tailormade vacation and trip to Kuwait will include: Visit  to Kuwait City's most important museums and cultural ...

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Why visit Kuwait

Kuwait is a sovereign emirate situated in the Middle East, the south-western region of Asia which is particularly rich in petroleum. Its capital city is Kuwait City and the country is lapped by the Persian Gulf. Its territory, one of the smallest among the countries of the world, is the only one devoid of natural water sources and is almost entirely covered by desert. The climate is dry tropical.

Highlands are few, while the natural harbour in Kuwait bay hosts some islands. Kuwait has five protected areas and in the country over 363 bird species are registered, as well as 28 mammal species, including gazelles, desert rabbits and hedgehogs, common in the wild. Large carnivores such as wolf and jackal are now extremely rare. The red fox and the wild cat are endangered species due to the progressive destruction of their natural habitat and unregulated hunting. There are also 40 reptile species, none of which endemic.

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