Jordan: how to get there and move

September 24, 2019

Visiting Jordan is a dream for many: a pearl of the Middle East, especially famous for the archaeological ruins of Petra, this desert land fascinates travelers. Here are some useful tips on flights and transport to get around Jordan.

Man backpacking in Petra, Jordan

Visiting Jordan is a dream for many: pearl of the Middle East, famous above all for the archaeological ruins of Petra, this desert land in fact presents many elements of interest to the curious traveler who's passionate about history.

But if what hampers you from organizing the journey of dreams is the lack of knowledge of the country, especially that related to practical issues such as transport and travel management, well, we are here for this.

Here are some useful tips on flights and transportation to move around in Jordan.

Aeroplane flying over Petra, Jordan
Aeroplane flying over Petra.

How to get to Jordan: flights

Since low-cost airline Ryanair has opened flights to Amman and Aqaba from Europe, organizing a trip to Jordan has never seemed so simple and cheap.

Alternatively you can fly with a stopover from the main European cities to the capital of Jordan also with Turkish Airlines, Austrian, Egypt Air, Lufthansa and Royal Jordanian.

How to move around

Camels in Petra in Jordan
viviTravels works with local operators.

How to move around Jordan? How to organize a tour in stages? Those who choose to rely on viviTravels, can count on the services of our local operators, who provide professional guides and drivers for tailor-made itineraries, without needing to think about anything.

In general, here is an overview of transport in Jordan (for more details, see the official website of the Jordan Tourism Board).

Taxi: Taxis in Jordan are an economical and convenient means. Public white taxis offer shared service with other passengers, while yellow private taxis are for travelers who want to travel alone. Since the taximeter is not always activated, it is advisable to agree on the cost of the trip in advance. Taxi drivers often speak basic English and offer convenient services even for long journeys.

Bus: Buses in Jordan offer regular services on the main tourist routes. They are equipped with air conditioning.

Car rental: The roads in Jordan are excellent and well maintained, so renting a car can be a wise idea. For the car rental you need to have the license of your country of origin achieved for at least a year. Road signs are written in both Arabic and English, filling stations are frequent and driving is on the right. To rent the car you can rely on one of the many local agencies or the reception of your hotel.

Tailormade and group tours in Jordan

Here are some travel itineraries to explore Jordan escorted by expert local guides.

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