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Discovering Jordan is one of the most beautiful travel experiences for any tourist.

This country provides everything for any visitor. First of all, breath-taking landscapes, which offer a large and heterogeneous biodiversity: from lush mountains to the crystal-clear sea of the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, from the swamps to the desert oases of Wadi Rum. In each of this natural environments it is possible to observe unique animal species, such as the red fox and the Arabic leopard.

Unmissable are its archaeological sites dating back to the Roman time. Strolling among the ruins of Jarash or the capital Amman means remembering the street of an ancient, powerful and successful Empire and understanding its glory through the analysis of its majestic art works.

While walking along the narrow alleys in Petra, the observer will wonder how is it possible that the human mind can create such a perfect union between the natural and the anthropic world, and how it can perfectly adapt the shapes of the landscapes to the human needs. In fact, the Jordanian jewel shows, full of pride, its amazing city carved out of the impressive pink rocks, typical of the territory.

Finally, it is also possible to spend some relaxing time on the Dead Sea shore at sunset, when the burning sun far in the horizon is blending with the transparent waters, feeling the calm of the place and release the brain from the daily-life problems or also count the stars while lying down on the desert sand.

Do not miss the chance to plan your dream trip, tour and vacation in this wonderful country! Choose your itinerary in order to get a full vision of Jordan with our tailormade tour itineraries

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Travel ideas in Jordan

  • Jordan gran tour marta-de-girolamo Travel proposals

    Tour | group | 8 days | No flight

    Jordan gran tour

    Discover the most renowned natural and cultural attractions of Jordan with this 8-days group tour. From Amman to the Dead Sea accross incredible sceneries like deserts and archeological marvels like Petra, Madaba and Kerak.

    Visited places: Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea

    from 576 €

  • Jordan Jewels Tour: Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Dead Sea marta-de-girolamo Travel proposals

    Tour | 8 days | No flight

    Jordan Jewels Tour: Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Dead Sea

    Jordan is a land with an ancient charm and history, full of natural and archaeological gems. There the picturesque ruins of Petra, an umissable destination on every journey into this pearl of the Middle East, there are the the silent dunes of the desert dotted by old castles, or the cities on the Red Sea, such ad marvelous Aqaba, always sun-kissed. Come discover Jordan with us on an unforgettable tailormade tour that you can personalize at every stage of the itinerary.

    Visited places: Amman, Jerash, Madaba, Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea

    from 1,231 €

  • Jordan group tour: Amman, Petra and Wadi Rum marta-de-girolamo Travel proposals

    Tour | group | 8 days | No flight

    Jordan group tour: Amman, Petra and Wadi Rum

    Wishing to visit Jordan but do not have time to organize your trip? Discover it with a group tour, accompanied by expert local guides, that will allow you to discover the capital Amman with its immense historical heritage, the Dead Sea, the ruins of Jerash, the magnificent Petra and the Wadi Rum desert.

    Visited places: Amman, Aljoun, Petra, Wadi Rum

    from 576 €

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  • What to see in Jordan

    Welcome to Jordan, the pearl of the fertile crescent, a land of deserts and plateaus, crossed by a single river, the Jordan. The main cities are located on the West Bank plateau: here you will find the capital Amman and the archaeological sites of Jerash, Karak, Madaba and the famous Petra, perhaps the main reason why you choose to take a trip to Jordan. But in addition to cities and history there is also the desert, which occupies two thirds of the country. Finally, the Dead Sea, the largest lake in the country and the beaches of the Red Sea, overlooked by the city of Aqaba. Are you going to book a tour in Jordan? You have made a good choice: here are the 10 attractions not to be missed on your itinerary.  
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  • What to see in Petra

    Petra is Jordan 's most famous archaeological site and is the first place you would normally like to see when you arrive in this country. It is located about 250 km south of the capital Amman, in a valley between the Dead Sea, the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea. A city with a long history, also mentioned in the Qumran manuscripts, it was the Nabataean capital and then abandoned around the eighth century, after which it went into decline. It was rediscovered in 1812 by the Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt and since then it has become over time a site of great tourist interest, Unesco Heritage since 1985, national archaeological park since 1993 and one of the seven wonders of the modern world since 2007. Do you want to visit it? Here are some useful tips!
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  • What to see in Amman

    Amman is the bustling capital of Jordan, probably starting point for your trip. Despite its modern appearance, Amman preserves numerous historical and archaeological ruins of great interest. The famous citadel of Amman, the main tourist site, hosts, for example, the remains of the Roman temple of Hercules and the Palace of the Umayyads. Not to be missed is also the Roman amphitheater of the first century, still able to accommodate about six thousand people, placed on a hill.
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  • Wadi Rum: what to see

    Wadi Rum is one of the most impressive natural attractions of Jordan, a desert expanse covering 720 square kilometers in the south of the country. It's been inhabited by bedouins for centuries: they have survived harsh living conditions by hunting, breeding cattle and trading their goods. Jordanian government declared Wadi Rum a protected area in 1998, also acknowledging its important tourist value. "Immense, echoeing, divine": this is how it was described by T.E. Lawrence and surely Wadi Rum is an incredible palce, with its sand dunes and rock formations, a place for amazing excursions during a Jordan tour, even spending a night in a tented camp under the spectacular starry sky.
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  • Jordan: how to get there and move

    Visiting Jordan is a dream for many: pearl of the Middle East, famous above all for the archaeological ruins of Petra, this desert land in fact presents many elements of interest to the curious traveler who's passionate about history. But if what hampers you from organizing the journey of dreams is the lack of knowledge of the country, especially that related to practical issues such as transport and travel management, well, we are here for this. Here are some useful tips on flights and transportation to move around in Jordan.
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  • Jordan: what to eat and local cuisine

    The highest form of hospitality in Jordan is experienced by sharing food with local families, especially on the occasion of festivities and celebrations. If during a trip you should be invited to lunch and dinner by a local family, remember that you do not have to bring anything, but eat everything that is presented on the table (and it will be much, regardless of the economic possibilities of the family).
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  • How to behave in Jordan

    How to behave during a trip to Jordan ? Good news is it is a tolerant country, if compared to others in the same area, even with misbehaviours of foreigners. Surely though, showing to be respectful of local customs during a trip makes the traveler more welcome. Here are some tips on how to behave in accordance with Jordanian habits. Always offer a small tip to waiters. Shake your cup after drinking coffee if you don't want more. (If you do want more instead, reach out your cup to those who are serving the coffee). Always accept gladly an invitation for coffee: it is a sign of friendship in Jordan. Bargain with vendors when making a purchase. If you drink alcohol, avoid to do so in public places. Do not be annoyed if the person speaking to you leans too close, in Jordan it is common to talk very close to each other. It can also happen that a person you have just met gives you a little kiss on the cheek.  
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  • Jerash: what to see

    Jerash, in Jordan, is the second most visited destination after Petra. This important archaeological site is located in a plain sorrounded by forested hills. It was conquered in 63 BC by Pompeus and it became Roman. Listed in the League of the Ten Cities, joining the ten biggest cities of the Roman empire, Jerash remains today one of the best preserved archaeological sites in the world. For centuries it remained hidden under the sand. Its columns, the paved roads, the theaters, the thermal baths: Jerash testifies to the level of archaeological and urban development of the Romans in the provinces of the Middle East.
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  • Jordan: when to go

    Jordan is a country in the Middle East, bordering Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Ruled by a constitutional monarchy, it is one of the most stable and safest countries of the Middle East region. Its ancient history, its fabulous landscapes and its world-famous hospitality make it a magnificent destination for a holiday. When to go to Jordan? Find out which is the best period to visit the country and what to pack for your trip.
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    Travel expert in Jordan

Why visit Jordan

Jordan is a country belonging to the Middle East lapped by the Red Sea and the Dead Sea.

Its territory is divided into three macro-regions: Jordan Rift Valley, the upland of Transjordan, where the main urban centres and archaeological sites are located, and the desert, which extends for more than half of the country. The biodiversity of this geographical area is very wide, thanks to several natural environmental typologies: mountains covered by pines, lush valleys, swamps, oases and the colourful underwater world of the Red Sea.

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