Jordan - Useful information for your trip

Jordan is a country belonging to the Middle East lapped by the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. Its territory is divided into three macro-regions: Jordan Rift Valley, the upland of Transjordan, where the main urban centres and archaeological sites are located, and the desert, which extends for more than half of the country. The biodiversity of this geographical area is very wide, thanks to several natural environmental typologies: mountains covered by pines, lush valleys, swamps, oases and the colourful underwater world of the Red Sea.

In order to safeguard and preserve the Jordanian environment, several natural reserves have been established. One of the most important, and the largest one, is Dana Biosphere Reserve. It is a little corner of heaven, which provides breath-taking views of the most different landscapes and natural colours. It is rich in plant and natural species, among which are the red fox, hyena, desert lynx, Arabic leopard, mongoose and many others.

Jordan is also rich in historical heritage and archaeological sites. Jerash is one of the most significant and one of the best-preserved Roman cities in Middle East. It boasts an unusual elliptic court enclosed in 56 Ionic columns, a Zeus temple, an Adrian's Arch, a race course, the southern door and theatre and the defensive walls. Worth visiting are also the archaeological sites of Amman, Madaba, the mosaic city, and Zarqa.

During a journey in Jordan you cannot miss the visit to the Rose City, also known as the Jordanian jewel. It is so called because of the characteristic colour of its rocks, which were carved and modelled in order to host one of the most particular cities in the world, with its houses, shops and holy sites: Petra. This is why it was included in the 7 wonders of the World.

Visiting Jordan means to live a unique experience, not comparable with any other, discovering different historical ages and remaining astonished at the hospitality of its inhabitants. In fact, the citizens like receiving visitors and telling them the most intimate secrets of this magical land.