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A holiday and tailormade tour in Turkey, between Asia and Europe, is a journey into the past: this land is in fact often identified as the "cradle of civilizations". Come and discover its beauty and its archaeological sites, featuring different styles belonging to different ancient empires.

Let yourself be enraptured by Istanbul and by Hagia Sophia, the greatest example of Byzantine architecture. Another unmissable destination is Cappadocia, dotted by fabled villages where ancient traditions still survive. Do not miss Georeme open-air museum, with its rocky little churches decorated with Byzantine frescoes. 

If you prefer sun and seaside instead, and you wish to relax lying in the sand, Turkey has much to offer you, thanks to its marvellous semi-desert beaches. For those who are keen on nightlife, the cosmopolitan cities of Ankara and Istanbul offer clubs, shops and amusement.

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Why visit Turkey

Turkey is a country located between Europe and Asia. It is lapped by the Sea of Marmara to the North-West and the Black Sea to the North.

Its territory is characterized by the presence of mountain ranges, which extend from East to West, the highest peak is Mount Ararat, being 5165 meters above sea level. Turkey has wide green areas; indeed, it is covered by steppes in the continental parts, and by lush forests on the mountains and on the coasts. It also boasts three different climate zones: the coasts lapped by the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea have a Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm summer and mild winter. The areas facing the Black Sea have an oceanic climate with warm and humid summers and mild winters. Finally, there is also a continental climate with warm and dry summer and cold and snowy winter.

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