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Iran includes the region once known as Persia, in Asia, it’s the perfect destination for those who want to discover the history and traditions of one of the ancient cultures of the world.

Far from the image of a fundamentalist country described by the medias, modern Iran is a country where the heritage of the past and western “lifestyles” can coexist.

Iran’s geography is characterized by plateaus, mountains and coasts on the Caspian Sea and on the Persian Gulf.

A tour in Iran will surprise you with architectural beauties and an unlimited cultural heritage, but also with the hospitality of the Iranian people and traditions, tastes and flavours that come from the past of this great country.

There are 21 places in Iran that are part of the UNESCO World heritage list. Guided by our local experts you’ll be able to discover them in the most authentic way, combining a rich program of visits with unique experiences like tastings and shows like traditional dances and concerts.

The main cities of the nation, Teheran, Mashad, Kashan, Yazd, Esfahan and Shiraz are rich in monuments, archaelogical sites such as world famous Persepolis (discover more on our "5 key places" article), mosques, Persian gardens and museums, while the coasts and the mainland offer unique natural beauties like the amazing islands of Qeshm and Kish, the rivers and the streams, the natural parks of Golestan and Khar Turan.

Cities and villages have their center in the bazaar, another unmissable spot if you want to discover the true life of the Iranian people. In Isfahan, for example, the traditional shops are located in small streets while if you want to see the high-end boutiques you’ll have to go to the main street of Chajar Bagh.

Follow our tips for a tour in Iran and create your custom vacation, it twill be an unforgettable holyday.

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Further detail

  • Iran in 5 key places

    Known as Naqsh-e Jahan or “map of the world” ( Isfahan, was known as “Isfahan nesfe jahan” in poetry, which means Isfahan half of the world) it’s an enormous square where some of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces can be found. Amongst them the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque. This mosque will leave you breathless with it’s iconic rugs, decoration and artistic details.
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  • Things to know before travelling to Iran

    Iran is a wonderful country, we have prepared a few important suggestions to take into account before organizing your tailor-made tour in this extraordinary nation.
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  • Dishes and spices of the Iranian cuisine

    Iranian cuisine is rich in tradition and contaminations which make it unique and special. In Iran cooking also stands for hospitality, eating together is one of the most important moments of the social life. 
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  • Shiraz: what to see

    Shiraz is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Iran and is definitely a must-see destination when planning an itinerary. Fifth city in the country for extension, former capital, Shiraz is located on the foothills of Zagros mountains and has a pleasant climate, with short winters and long hot summers. Are you about to leave for Iran? Here is some advice on how to plan your stay in Shiraz.
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  • Isfahan: what to see

    Isfahan, or Esfahan, in central Iran, is a city of great architectural beauty which deserves to be included in your travel itinerary discovering former Persia. Nestled in Zagros mountains and overlooking Zayandeh River, it is the capital of the province with the same name, a very ancient city already thriving in the Sasanid era, later conquered by the Arabs and the Abbasids and eventually designated capital of the Seljukian sultanate. Many dominations and cultures have passed through Isfahan (including Mongolians and Afghans), leaving behind massive traces of their passage in the rich heritage of the city.
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  • Yazd: what to see

    One of the most beautiful cities to visit in Iran is magical Yazd, a Zoroastrianism center also famous for the handicrafts, silk and sweets. It's located in an oasis between Dasht-e Kavir and Dasht-e Lut deserts at 1,216 meters above sea level. Yazd is a very ancient city with unique architecture, already a Zoroastrian center in the Sasanid era. Only much later did Islam spread in the city. The architecture in Yazd is famous all over Iran: due to the dry arid climate, for example, marvelous wind towers were built to protect the inhabitants from the heat.
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  • Iran gardens

    Iran is not only about palaces and mosques, it also boasts world-famous Persian gardens, nine of which are officially registered as Unesco World Heritage. Spread throughout the country in different cities and provinces, these nine gardens represent different typologies of Persian garden, each different to better adapt to different landscapes. The origins of the Persian garden are very ancient: the first examples seem to belong to Cyrus the Great's era in the 4th century BC. The garden had a precise meaning: in a land covered by two of the most arid deserts in the world (Dasht-e Kavir and Dasht-e Lut), it was a peaceful regenerating oasis for caravans after days spent travelling in the heat suffering from thirst without shelter from the scorching sun. This is the reason why the garden was so important for the Persian and Iranian culture, eventually symbolizing the meeting place between man and God. The theme of the garden has always influenced Iranian art, poetry, music and ...
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  • Kashan: what to see

    One of the most beautiful cities to see in Iran is Kashan, in the province of Isfahan, with its beautiful Persian gardens and architectural and artistic gems (its name comes from kashi, meaning "tile"). Kashan is an oasis on the edge of the Iranian desert, founded probably eight thousand years ago as some archaeological findings in the nearby hills of Tepe Siyalk seem to testify. An earthquake in the second half of the 18th century destroyed the Safavid buildings, but Kashan was able to stand up again, becoming an important tourist destination especially thanks to its historical houses.
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  • The history of Persepolis

    One destination that shouldn't be missed during a trip to Iran is Persepolis archaeological site. This city was one of the five capital cities of the Achaemenid empire, about fifty kilometers from Shiraz. Its name comes from Greek and means "city of Persia". The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago has led several excavation campaigns to discover its history. Are you ready to leave for Iran? Here is all you need to know before visiting the legendary city of Persepolis!
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  • Teheran:what to see

    If you are planning a trip to Iran, probably your itinerary will start in Teheran, the capital city of this large and fascinating country with a long and ancient history. A metropolis of deep contrasts, situated in the north on the foothills of Elburz mountains, Teheran is 1,100 meters above sea level: its center is Imam Khomeini Square, with working class neighbourhoods developing all around and some richer residential districts in the north.  
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Why visit Iran

Iran is a country in the Asian continent, it also includes the region with the historical name of Persia.

The vastness of Iran’s territory is proportional to the history and cultural heritage of this extraordinary country which will surprise even the most experienced tourists.

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