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Iran includes the region once known as Persia, in Asia, it’s the perfect destination for those who want to discover the history and traditions of one of the ancient cultures of the world.

Far from the image of a fundamentalist country described by the medias, modern Iran is a country where the heritage of the past and western “lifestyles” can coexist.

Iran’s geography is characterized by plateaus, mountains and coasts on the Caspian Sea and on the Persian Gulf.

A tour in Iran will surprise you with architectural beauties and an unlimited cultural heritage, but also with the hospitality of the Iranian people and traditions, tastes and flavours that come from the past of this great country.

There are 21 places in Iran that are part of the UNESCO World heritage list. Guided by our local experts you’ll be able to discover them in the most authentic way, combining a rich program of visits with unique experiences like tastings and shows like traditional dances and concerts.

The main cities of the nation, Teheran, Mashad, Esfahan and Shiraz are rich in monuments (discover more on our "5 key places" article), mosques and museums, while the coasts and the mainland offer unique natural beauties like the amazing islands of Qeshm and Kish, the rivers and the streams, the natural parks of Golestan and Khar Turan.

Cities and villages have their center in the bazaar, another unmissable spot if you want to discover the true life of the Iranian people. In Isfahan, for example, the traditional shops are located in small streets while if you want to see the high-end boutiques you’ll have to go to the main street of Chajar Bagh.

Follow our tips for a tour in Iran and create your custom vacation, it twill be an unforgettable holyday.

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Why visit Iran

Iran is a country in the Asian continent, it also includes the region with the historical name of Persia.

The vastness of Iran’s territory is proportional to the history and cultural heritage of this extraordinary country which will surprise even the most experienced tourists.

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