Yazd, Iran: top 6 attractions

September 24, 2019

Among the most beautiful cities to visit during a trip to Iran is the magical Yazd, the city of Zoroastrianism, also renowned for its crafts, silk and sweets.

Yazd garden in Iran

One of the most beautiful cities to visit in Iran is magical Yazd, a Zoroastrianism center also famous for the handicrafts, silk and sweets. It's located in an oasis between Dasht-e Kavir and Dasht-e Lut deserts at 1,216 meters above sea level.

Yazd is a very ancient city with unique architecture, already a Zoroastrian center in the Sasanid era. Only much later did Islam spread in the city. The architecture in Yazd is famous all over Iran: due to the dry arid climate, for example, marvelous wind towers were built to protect the inhabitants from the heat.

Kabir Jame Mosque in Yazd, Iran
Kabir Jame Mosque in Yazd.

Weather in Yazd

The weather in Yazd is arid. A dry hot city, being located in the desert, it features temperatures above 40 degrees in the summer, while winters are mild and sunny.

Top attractions to visit

The tourist attractions are many and make up the great heritage of the city. Due to isolation and sorrounding desert, Yazd developed unique architectures. Here are some of the most interesting monuments to see duting your trip.

Friday Mosque

Friday Mosque is the great congregational mosque in Yazd, built in Persian Azerbaijani style and represented on national banknotes. Its two minarets are the tallest in Iran. The facade of the portal is decorated with elaborate shining tiles, mostly blue. The shrine inside is covered in magnificent mosaic majolicas.

Friday Mosque in Yazd, Iran
Friday Mosque.

Dolat Abad Garden

Dolat Abad is made up of a pavilion sorrounded by a typical Persian garden which is Unesco Heritage. It was built in 1750 to serve as residence for Shah Karim Khan Zand. Its 33 meters tall badgir is the highest wind tower in Iran and still carries out a thermoregulation function for the interiors of the building. The garden is embellished by fountains and tree-lined paths.

Dolat Abbad Garden in Yazd, Iran
Dolat Abbad Garden.

Amir Chakhmaq Complex

Amir Chakhmaq Complex is maybe the most iconic structure in Yazd, facing a square with the same name and containing several other structures, such as a caravanserai, an ancient well and thermal baths, even if it is mainly a mosque. Its three-storied facade is impressing with its arched niched. During the night the complex is lit up creating a spectacular sight.

Amir Chakhmaq Complex in Yazd, Iran
Amir Chakhmaq Complex.

Zoroastrian Towers of Silence

Yazd Towers of Silence are related to the Zoroastrian cult and are situated on two hills south of the city. They were used for making corpses decompose, forsaking them to birds and forces of nature: a common practice for Zoroastrianism. During the Seventies the Iranan government ordered to close them and they are now an important tourist attraction.

Zoroastrian Towers of Silence in Yazd, Iran
Zoroastrian Towers of Silence.

Fire Temple

Yazd Fire Temple, also known as Atash Behram, is a Zoroastrian temple built in 1934. It is one of the nine fire temples in the world, the other eight being in India. It was built in Achaemenid style following the instructions of Bombay architects in the disposition of bricks. A garden sorrounds the temple, while the fire is kept within an enclosure inside the temple, which only Zoroastrians can access, while others must look from the outside.

Fire temple in Yazd, Iran
Fire temple.

Alexander's Prison

Another important building in Yazd, Alexander's prison recalls the name of a poem by the important Iranian poet Hafez, even though it is not certain that the building was really used by Alexander to confine his opponents. According to other historic versions, it was instead the prison were Alexander the Great was jailed. The building features a clay dome with golden and blue paintings.

Alexander's Prison in Yazd, Iran
Alexander's Prison.

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