Iran in 5 key places

September 24, 2019

The 5 most beautiful and significant places in Iran, between history and traditional architecture.

Iran, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque interiors, dome

Are you preparing for a trip to Iran? This fascinating land of the Middle East, cradle of Persian civilization, has much to offer the Western visitor.

Not only mosques: Iran and its cities will amaze you with their gardens, squares, and ancient bourgeois houses finely decorated. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this country: here are some suggestions on the attractions to include in your journey.

Isfahan, Imam Square

Known as Naqsh-e Jahan or “map of the world” (Isfahan, was known as “Isfahan nesfe jahan” in poetry, which means Isfahan half of the world) it’s an enormous square where some of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces can be found. Amongst them the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque. This mosque will leave you breathless with it’s iconic rugs, decoration and artistic details.

Naqsh-e Jahan square in Isfahan, Iran
Naqsh-e Jahan square in Isfahan.

Kurdistan, Palangan

This ancient village is on the side of a hill where stone houses are one above the other. Visit also the nearby treks where rivers and small bridges create a unique alpine scenario.

Palangan village, Kurdistan, Iran
Old stony village of Palangan.

Shiraz, Nasir al Muluk Mosque

One of the most photographed attractions of Iran, this mosque will surprise you with incredibles light tricks that come to life from it’s colored glass. It’s also known as the “pink mosque” for the numerous decorations of this color both on the inside and outside.

Nasir al Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran
Nasir Al Muluk Mosque.

Tehran, Golestan Palace

The most ancient monument of the current capital has been built at the end of 1500, but has been in it’s current shape only from 1865. Since then it has become one the most important palaces for the official cerimonies. The whole complex is made of 17 structures.

Golestan Palace in Tehran, Iran
Golestan Palace in Tehran.

Fars region, ruins of Persepolis

Not far from Shiraz the ruins of Persepolis can ben found, they date back to 500 b.C. and are the remains of a city built on a huge terrace whose entrance was through an impressive monumental stair.

Alexander the Great conquered the city and plundered it before a fire burned it to the ground. There are still many ruins of this important city such as:

  • Apadana palace
  • The door of all the nations
  • The Persepolitan Stairway

In Teheran and Shiraz many museums host objects found in this place.

Persepolis ruins in Iran
Persepolis ruins.

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