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Lebanon, the land of the cedars, a jewel set in the Middle East's profile in Asia, the land of the Phoenicians, preserves interesting historical and archaeological evidence that take the visitor to the discovery of a rich past.

During your tailormade vacation and trip to Lebanon, enjoy a tour of the five Lebanese archaeological sites recognized as World Heritage Sites by Unesco: Anjar, Baalbek, Byblos, Tyre and Qadisha Valley. Or else go exploring the Cedars of God, which is also UNESCO heritage and can be visited with guides. Not to be missed are also the two main cities, the beautiful capital Beirut , and then the fascinating Tripoli, a Phoenician city rich in history today.

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Why visit Lebanon

Lebanon is a country of the Middle East, in Asia, with Beirut as a capital city. It overlooks the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea to the west and is crossed by Mount Lebanon range, which has Qurnat al-Sawda as its highest peak with its 3088 m. The main rivers of the country are Nahr al-Kabir Litani and Orontes. The climate is Mediterranean temperate, with cool, rainy winters and hot, humid summers.

In ancient times, Lebanon housed large forests of cedar of Lebanon, which is now the national symbol. Because of deforestation in favor of commercial exploitation, the spread of this plant has been greatly reduced today. In the mountains you can find oak forests, pine and cypress trees, while on the coast Mediterranean vegetation prevails. Wildlife include wolf, jackal and gazelle.

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