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Tanzania is an African country lapped by the Indian Ocean. It boasts breath-taking landscapes, capable to seduce even the most demanding traveller. The different typologies of landscapes include high mountains, wide plateaus, several great lakes, but also beautiful white sandy beaches with an amazing crystal-clear sea. These features combined with high average temperatures during the whole year make Tanzania an unmissable destination. Tanzania is the ideal spot for anyone loving adventure and trekking, offering the chance to climb the world-famous Kilimananjaro, enjoying excellent safaris among the Big Five and get in touch with the Maasai.

If you want to combine safari and seaside, top off your itinerary with a beach stay in Zanzibar, one of the most pristine paradises on Earth.

The country also offers sites rich in culture and traditions. Interesting places are the important sites of Gola Isimila and Koto dating back to the ancient Stone Age Your tailormade holiday, tour and vacation here will be unique, thanks to the help of our local travel experts, a guarantee for safety and knowledge of the places. They will create a custom-made itinerary with you according to your desires.

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  • What to see in Zanzibar

    Zanzibar is traditionally part of Tanzania and is composed of an archipelago, with two major islands, Unguja and Pemba, and various smaller islands mostly unknown to tourism. Zanzibar became part of Tanzania only in 1964 (the continental part was once called Tanganyika), after being a sultanate, a British protectorate and briefly a constitutional monarchy. Its name derives from the Persian, zanj, a term used to refer to blacks: it has always been at the center of important trade between Africa and Asia, and today it is one of the main centers of Swahili culture, as can be seen from the typical Stone Town architecture, the historical district of the capital Zanzibar City. Zanzibar also played an important role in the slave trade and was a key step along the spice route, thanks to its production of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, pepper and cloves. In recent years the archipelago has focused heavily on tourism, thanks to the beauty of its pristine beaches and its wild nature.
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  • Safari in Tanzania

    Do you want to try the safari experience? Tanzania is the right place! Its large parks, set up to protect marvelous ecosystems, are in fact among the best in all of Africa to closely meet wildlife. The most famous parks are those of the North, such as the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro crater conservation area. Other protected areas of great interest are the Lake Manyara National Park, habitat of many flamingos, the Tarangire National Park and Arusha. For those who want to combine the experience of trekking with the safari, you can add the Kilimanjaro National Park, with several routes for hikers who want to conquer the highest peak in Africa. Finally, during a holiday in Tanzania, there is also the chance to combine safari and sea, taking an internal flight to the Zanzibar archipelago, one of the most pristine paradises on earth.
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Why visit Tanzania

Tanzania is an African state lapped by the Indian Ocean, it is the 31st largest country in the World. If you are planning a trip to this magical land, you might need to know that it is characterized by a mountainous landscape in the north-east. Here, in fact, it is possible to admire Mount Kilimanjaro and the range of the Pare Mountains, ideal locations for an adventure and trekking tour. On the north-western area lie Africa's Great Lakes, such as Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika. Finally, the central area hosts a large plateau. The whole region boasts a tropical climate, with high average temperatures during the entire year.

Its economy is mainly based on agriculture and mining processing, especially of gold. Moreover, tourism represents another highly developed sector. Visitors are attracted by the natural beauties of the landscapes, Tanzania boasts a large number of natural parks, white sandy beaches, crystal-clear sea and a rich maritime and terrestrial ecosystem. Many of these sites have been declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco. If you are looking for safari holidays among the Big 5, Tanzania is a good destination thanks to its protected areas such as Serengeti National Park.

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