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Discover the beautiful landscapes, nature and stunning beaches of Philippines, one of the most charming locations in the Pacific Ocean.

Beautiful dream coastline, untame forests, a rich flora and fauna, but also a strong historic and cultural legacy in the cities: this archipelago is this and much more. Let our travel experts guide you in this paradise and you won't be disappointed. Your tailormade tour, holiday will be unforgettable.

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Why visit Philippines

The Philippines are an island state in South-East Asia, in the Pacific Ocean. The capital city is Manila. Its location in the Ring of Fire and its tropical climate make it easily subject to earthquakes and typhoons. Its archipelago, characterized by a rich biodiversity, includes 7107 islands, divided into three geographic regions, Luzon in the north, Visayas in the center and Mindanao in the south.

Most of the islands of the Philippines are mountainous and of volcanic origin, covered by tropical forest. The highest mountain is Mount Apo (2954 m), on Mindanao island. The Philippine Trench is the deepest point within the state's borders. The longest river is Rio Grande de Cayagan, in the northern part of Luzon island. The largest lake is Laguna de Bay, while the main volcanoes, active and with frequent seismic activity, are Mayon, Pinatubo and Taal.

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